The Shire of Mynydd Seren presents

Saturday, May 3, 8AM~11PM

Morgan County Fairgrounds
1749 Hospital Dr.
Martinsville, IN 46151

Let them Eat Cake: Soteltie Dessert Competition

Lest it be known that in order to honor the greatness of the Dragon Throne, Their Highnesses shall host a Soteltie Dessert Competition at Their upcoming Coronation. All bakers, cooks, confectioners, and commoners are invited to create whimsical cakes and dessert illusion foods honoring the magic of our society and greatness of our beloved Dragon.

All entries will be grated the honor of being displayed at Their Coronation feast upon the banquet tables. For those with the Best Dragon, the Best Knight, and the Most Magical, a prize will be awarded along with best entry created by a youth, best tasting, and most historical (with documentation).

The finer details: Per the Midrealm Subtleties, Sotelties and Illusion Food Criteria- It must be at least 50% edible. All inedible portions must be noted in the documentation. Non-edible parts should be limited to forms or support portions. No documentation is needed except to be eligible for the most historical Prizes will be awarded for: Best Dragon, Best Knight, Most Magical, Youth Entry, Best Tasting, and More Historical. All entries will be displayed upon the feast tables and will be allowed to be tasted by the populace after judging. Any questions can be directed to Baroness Verena Entenwirth at

A Note from Our Dance Mistress

Come join us at the ball after the Feast being lead by our local musicians! Pick-up musicians are welcomed and encouraged to contact our Dance Mistress THL Sionnain O'Malley, or find her onsite the day of. Music available upon request. The order of dances will be determined at a later time.

Ball Dance List:
Belle Qui Tient Ma Vie Pavane
Black Nag
Clog Bransle (Bransle des Sabots)
Contrapasso in Duo
Eglamour de Tribus
Half Hannykin
Heart's Ease
Horse Bransle
Jenny Pluck Pears
Petit Riens
Rosti Boli
Rufty Tufty
Sellinger's Round

If we make it through all of these, there will be requests to bards in the box (read: mp3 player)!

A final note: A majority of these dances will be called and/or taught onsite, so please come dance away!

Visit Their Majesties and Their Highnesses: