6:30 Open Rapier List
(Weather Permitting Outside Play)
9:00 (21 Years Old and Over ONLY)
Gambling Hall! Bring your favorite period games, your gambling purse, and your favorite spirits to add to the lineup!


Currently TBA.

Time Feast Hall Outside 1 Outside 2 Outside 3 Outside 4
9:00 Care and Feeding of Rapier Fighters: OMG We're Athletes?
Gwyneth Banfhidhleir
One on Ones Getting Ready for Your First Authorization
Christina Noëlle
The Four Gnostyle Fencers
Adam Comyn
10:00Spotting and Correcting the Problems, for Marshals and MiTs
Gregory Bryant
One on Ones The Sinister Advantage: a Left-Handed Look at Fencing
Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel
Flos Duelatorum - Britni Wingertner
The Mindset of Fencing
Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr
11:00Keeping the Fun in Fencing
Nerissa della Badessa
One on OnesBeginner Spear
Sir Pellinor
Bastoncello of Fiore
Aelfred of Chester
Balance, Strength and Motion in Fencing
Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr
1:00Midrealm Rapier Command Staff Development - Peter Grau von Bremen One on Ones Black Tiger Academy 101
Nerissa della Badessa
Destreza Basics
Constanza de Sevilla
Historic Sword & Buckler
Aelfred of Chester
2:00How to Breathe Like a Musician - Moira Eiriksdotter One on Ones Don't be a Dummy
Loptr Ørlygsson
Atajos: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Constanza de Sevilla
Leverage & Structure for C&T
Christian Fournier
3:00What's in Your Marshal Binder?
Warder Anton du Marais
Practical Application of Melee Games on the Field
Christoph von Minz
Solo Drills and Confidence in Point Control
Darius Lowen
DiGrassi: Sword & Dagger
Rurik the Red
Cutting Mechanics Workshop
Christan Fournier
4:00Tournaments TBA
Delicious, delicious feast