Current Class List – Updated May 5, 2015

The Class Schedule is here.

Cecily O'Donell - - Rapier MIT 101

1 hour - Marshals in Training

Class will cover the MIT process from start to finish. Participants will receive a paperwork signature at the end of the class.

Rurik the Red - Grappling Experiment

1 hour - All Experience Levels

Class/practice for the Cut & Thrust Grappling Experiment.

Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel -  Fundamentals of Blade Mechanics

1 hour -  All Experience Levels

You call it a sword, but it's really a lever... a lever that happens to have sharp edges and a point. In this class, we'll set aside those confusing Aristotelian terms and go over a number of fundamental mechanics of swordplay in refreshingly plain English. With just six simple concepts and a few exercises, you'll learn everything you need to figure out why something you tried didn't quite work (and to come up with something better). Bring a rapier for exercises.

Kai Tseng -        Two Hands, Two Swords

90 minutes -         Intermediate

We will cover fundamentals of fighting with a case of rapiers starting with what to expect from an authorizing fencer and moving onto important concepts for using two swords effectively in single combat and in melee.

Anton du Marais - Measure and Line: The Path to your Opponent

90 minutes - All Experience Levels

Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr - Balance, Strength and Motion in Fencing

1 hour - All Experience Levels

This class will discuss what it means to be strong and balanced when fencing, and will provide some insight in maintaining strength and good balance and using that to protect your body against common fencing injuries to the back, knees, and ankles. It will also look at some exercises to build, maintain, and enhance balance and strength for greater range of motion and easier recovery from lunges or retreats.

Birke de Jägerin -          Active Marshalling Roundtable

1 hour -          Marshals & MITs

Marshalling is more than just leaning on a stick! There are a lot of small things you can do to make sure the most fencers are able to have the most fun, more of the time, in a safe and courteous manner. Come learn what active marshalling is and share your ideas, too.

Christian Fournier -        Putting the FUN in Fundamentals

1 hour -        All Experience Levels

Learn better drills for basic footwork and bladework, for both solo and partnered work— drills that you’ll WANT to do! Armor optional.

Kara de Korte - Introduction to German (Liechtenauer) Longsword

1 hour - Beginner

Introduction to the Lichtenhauer school of German longsword. We will cover the four primary guards, the five mastercuts, and some of the philosophy of the style (vor, indes, nach, etc...)

Moira Eiriksdottir - Rapier Rules 4.0 – Roundtable

1 hour - All Experience Levels

Discussion of the fourth revision of the Midrealm Rapier Rules, lead by the Constellation Regional Marshal.

Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel – Fencing Instructors Roundtable

1 hour - All Experience Levels
Open to all but specifically targeted toward group fencing instructors, this roundtable forum will focus on discussing and exchanging strategies for training fencers and running more efficient practices. A list of topics for discussion will be provided, but instructors will be encouraged to bring their questions, concerns, and ideas to the table. This activity will be lightly moderated conversation remains on topic and productive, but will otherwise remain open to all participation.

Birke de Jägerin -         Melee Games & Command for Practices & Newbies

1 hour -         All Experience Levels

Interested in getting into melee command and have no idea where to start? Interested in running melee at small practices (~3-20 people) and want ideas? Already doing the above and want to swap ideas so we can all be even more effective and fun? Come learn and share!

Peter Grau von Bremen & Anton du Marais – Introduction to Youth Rapier

1 hour - Beginner

An introduction to Youth Rapier Combat for combatants and parents, including what to wear, what to expect, what paperwork you need, and how to actually fight! All youth need to bring a parent, and all parents are invited to bring their kids!

Adam Comyn -        The Four Fencer Philosophies, a Gnostyl Approach

1 hour -        All Experience Levels

All fighters are active or passive. All fighters are aggressive or defensive. Recognizing where and in which quadrant your opponent lives grants an advantage independent of the particular details of their (and your) form when you fight. It also reveals where you (and they) are weakest and what other skills you should work on. A predominantly conversational class, but we may have some participation to reinforce the ideas.

Darius Lowen - Introduction to the Rapier Spear Experiment

30 minutes to an hour - All Experience Levels

Peter Grau von Bremen - Midrealm Rapier Command Staff Development

1 hour - Intermediate-Advanced

Unit level through Legion commanders are invited to discuss and learn to integrate Midrealm Army doctrine on command topics including tactics, strategy, and communication.

Moira Eiriksdottir, Necu Hawke, and Alexander von der Noord – Small Unit Melee Tactics, or How to be a Mini Wrecking Ball

1 hour - All Experience Levels

Raphael di Merisi - Coordination

1 hour - All Experience Levels

Coordination is often thought of in fencing as only something to do with point control, while in reality it dictates how well your body can move together as a whole. Raphael is a professionally trained juggler in his "mundane" life and will be bringing together a wealth of techniques to help your training and to make you a more coordinated individual. Please bring a sword, rigid scabbard, polearm, or a staff.

Christian Fournier -        Close Quarters Techniques

1 hour -        All Experience Levels

When things get up close and personal, what options do you have available? This class will use limited sparring to create close-quarters situations, and then examine historical techniques from a variety of sources to find ways to safely defeat an opponent. Wear rapier armor, bring a rapier and dagger if you have them, though this class may include exploration of techniques not legal under normal SCA rules.

Dafydd von Atzinger - Rapier and Buckler 101

1 hour - All Experience Levels

Are you interested in learning how to use a buckler? Does the concept of holding a pie pan intrigue or frighten you? If the answer is yes, come take this class to learn basic theory for rapier buckler, and how to put that theory into hands-on practice.

Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr - The Mindset of Fencing

1 hour - Beginner/Intermediate

To be a great combatant, you must hone not just your physical prowess but also your mental game. Find out how to prepare your mind for combat, calm frustrations and breach plateaus in this class on The Mindset of Fencing.

Darius Lowen - Melee: Be the best Cog you can be in the Midrealm War Machine

1 hour - All Experience Levels

Cover line and field awareness, threat, strength, and weakness assessment, taking the weapons and style that work best for you and the army.

Adhamh MacAoidh - Spear

1 hour - Beginner/Intermediate

Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel - Crossing Over to Cut and Thrust

1 hour - Intermediate

Curious about Cut and Thrust but haven't taken the plunge yet? Between concerns about calibration and fear of expensive gear, many fencers who are interested in C&T hold off when they could be having the time of their lives. This class addresses all of these issues and more, including how to augment the rapier game you already play with percussive cuts. Participants should bring a mask, gloves, and their favorite fencing sword.

Adam Carmychel - Beats, Throws, and Other Flashy Stuff

1 hour - Advanced

Learn advanced techniques for lowering the threat level of your opponent's sword.