Oaken Army Challenge

Greetings from Sir Bonar of Chadwick, South Oaken
Commander and Ser Nickolas Grigorevich Petrov, North
Oaken Commander.

Good fighters of the Oak,

The Pennsic War is fast approaching. Many excellent
deeds of valor will be had, many stories written of
the brave Oaken warriors of the Dragon. Certainly the
only motivation we need to carry our just cause
forward is love of Crown and Kingdom... but just in
case anyone needs a gentle boost, Sir Bonar and I
present the following:

The Oaken Ironman Challenge

The Challenge is simple: fight in every mass war point
battle that is offered. At this Pennsic, there are 12
opportunities to take the field for your King:

* 3 Field Battles
* Woods Battle
* 3 Bridge Battles
* 2 Mountain Pass Battles
* Broken Field
* Castle Battle (attacking and defending)

Those stout men and women that do so in the capacity
of armored fighter, marshal, scout, waterbearer, chirurgeon,
or any combination thereof will be awarded a
distinctive token that heralds them as an Oaken
Ironman and will have their names entered into a roll
of honor to be presented to our King.

Prepare yourselves, sons and daughters of the Dragon!
Motivate yourself and your friends to take up this
challenge! Spread the word far and wide across the
Oaken Region, let no able-bodied warrior miss the
chance to win glory for themselves!

Ser Nickolas Grigorevich Petrov
North Oaken Commander

Sir Bonar of Chadwick
South Oaken Commander

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Pennsic War looms in the near future, and
preparations for hostilities continues. The North
Oaken region comported itself extremely well at North
Oaken War Maneuvers; I am extremely proud of our

Several more Kingdom musters are happening in the next
two months; please encourage your troops to travel to
these events and practice the skills that we have
begun to hone so well.

Baronial Border War, Grand Rapids, MI – 6/19
Border Raids, Ft. Knox, KY – 6/26
Push for Pennsic, Troy, OH – 7/9-11
Brawl at the Crooked Dragon, Sheffield, OH 7/10
Oaken Melee School, Roswell, OH – 7/17
Simple Day, Nineveh, IN – 7/30-8/1

As leaders of men (and women) I am relying on you to
motivate your own people in the manner you think is
best… we have been given challenging goals by His
Majesty, and will have to work hard to achieve them.

Some general observations and suggestions:

* As always, “lay on” means “CHARGE!”

* As a region, we execute column charges well.
However, too much time is wasted either getting the
column ready or trying to “open the door” to release
the charge. All units should muster in column order
when they are being readied in the rear. Obviously,
this only pertains to bridge/static-front battles and
when the unit doesn’t already have a job. Rez battles
should see the unit reform in this manner, ready to be
re-deployed. Once the column charge is ready, don’t
try to pull the front line shieldmen out of the way,
simply tell them that they are now the front of the
column. Obviously, this will take some education.
Bottom line: every shieldman should be prepared to
lead a charge at any time. As a long-time shieldman
myself, I would have welcomed the change of pace
(better than sitting there for half an hour as spears
poke at me.)

* Remind your spear- and polemen that they need to
move forward with the column charge and lay
suppressing fire on the enemy shield wall and fill any
gaps that appear as the army moves forward.

* Pulse charges are a very different animal then
column charges. Remind your troops that pulse charges
do NOT penetrate, they are designed to kill spearmen
and frustrate the East’s typical static-front
strategy. The maneuver DOES take ground, but it’s more
“three steps forward, one step back.”

* Remember that there is no talking during holds, but
this does not mean that you cannot communicate. Tell
your troops to look around and assay the situation.
Look toward the unit leader for direction. The glance
of an eye or subtle hand signals can communicate a lot
of information. You want to find your buddies then
find the greatest target of opportunity… and then on
the lay-on charge!

* Encourage your troops to read the Pennsic scenarios.
There are some unique changes this year in the set-up
and victory conditions of some battles. Be prepared.

I will be at Border Raids at the end of the month.

Ser Nickolas
N. Oaken Regional Commander