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The Oaken Spear


At the coronation of their excellencies Ragnvalder and Arabella several commanders of the Oaken region gathered to discuss ways of motivating troops for the upcoming war. An excellent suggestion was made to create an award that would motivate Oaken to great deeds. Initially, the idea was to create a live-steel spear to be awarded to the best Oaken spearman at Pennsic. This idea was received with great interest by all. After much discussion and thought, it was decided that the award would be given to the Oaken fighter (not just spearman) that demonstrated the greatest "fighting spirit" in battles during melee season and at the War.

The Oaken Spear, called LANGAR THURS (meaning "Long Thorn" in Norse) was crafted by Thorfinn Bearbrother and presented to the Oaken command staff of Pennsic XXVIII to give to the gentle most worthy. LANGAR THURS is a legacy spear, and shall be handed down from year to year.

The recipient of this honor is chosen by the combined decision of the current Oaken command staff, the chivalry of the Oaken region and the present holder of LANGAR THURS (none of which are eligible to receive the honor). It is awarded after all deciding have been queried -- ideally, as soon after Pennsic as possible.

LANGAR THURS was first awarded to Herr Konrad Mailander for the excellent work he did in helping rebuild, train and motivate the fighters of the Barony of Red Spears; and for leading them to great deeds on the fields of Pennsic XXVIII.

LANGAR THURS is a shining reminder of the feats of valor that can be achieved by the stalwart fighters of the Oaken region. Spread the tale of the Oaken spear far and wide so that every person that takes the field at Pennsic -- from the greenest newbie to the most seasoned Knight -- may strive to live up to the legacy that is LANGAR THURS!

Recipients of the Langar Thurs

Konrad Mailander - Pennsic XXVIII

Niko - Pennsic XXIX

Cumhara of Holyhead (Kope) - Pennsic XXX

Hamish mor Dubh nan Cath - Pennsic XXXI


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