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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 22:56

Links For Beginners
(by Richard Fitz Walter) 

Trolls Cross Armoury
One of our own, Trolls Cross makes great armor, especially for the new fighter

SCA official website

The parent organization of the shire, the kingdom and the Known World.  Go HERE to officially join the SCA...which you won't have to do right away.  Membership in the SCA does allow for voting in the shire, holding office and fighting.  There is a non-member charge at most events but membership is NOT required to get into events. 


Middle Kingdom calender of events:


The Middle Kingdom (Midrealm)

The Dragon Kingdom, the third recognized kingdom of the SCA, and the kingdom in which you (shire of Okenshield) live.  The Dragon lays claim to most of KY, OH, IL, IN, MI. 


The Midrealm's Office of the Chatelaine Page

This person's job is to help new people find resources about the SCA.  Lots of links here to help new people.


Armour Archive

This forum has tons of links, discussions, and information on everything from building armor to making costume/clothing/garb to cooking a feast.  The classification is particularly awesome for finding used and new stuff and for researching armourers before you buy. 


Windrose Armory:

Windrose is rock-solid armourer out of Arizona; Beautiful helms, solid fighting gear (pommel & hilt sets, custom shields & bosses) and extra stuff.


Icefalcon Armoury:

Lots of good arms and equipment


Historic Enterprises:

Period correct clothign for when you're ready to move on from Tunic.  Good selection of stuff from the dark ages on up.  


Revival Clothing:

Same as above.


Viking Leather Crafts:

Best period shoe retailer going. Armor bits as well


Torvaldr Leather:


Valkyrie Forge


Clan Armory:


Emorokian Arms:


Bokalo's Armoury:


Zen Warrior Armory:







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