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Shire of Okenshield

Concerning the Shire of Okenshield

1.      All shire by-laws are superseded by Civil, Society, and Middle Kingdom Laws


2.      Any references to shire members refer both to members of the SCA, Inc, who reside within the shire boundaries as defined by the SCA Inc. zip code list and have attended 1 of the last 12 meetings


Officers & Deputies

1.      The officers of the Shire of Okenshield shall consist of the Seneschal, Exchequer, Knights Marshal, Herald and other warranted officers as required by Kingdom Law.


2.      New offices may be created by the Shire and added to the above list to suit the Shires needs.


3.      The Seneschal shall be expected to serve for a period of three years; all other officers shall be expected to serve for a period of two years.


4.      An officer may request an extension up to one additional year.


5.      No officer may serve in the same position for a continuous period of more than four.


6.      Officers may appoint and release deputies as they wish.


7.      Outgoing Officers shall nominate their successor.


8.      Nominated Officers shall be accepted by a majority poll of a quorum of Officers; however Regional and Kingdom Superiors shall have final approval.


9.      An acceptance poll for a new Officer must be announced for at least two meetings.


10. All open Officer Positions shall be announced at meeting and via electronic media for a period of 30 days.


11. Officers Meetings shall be held quarterly at a minimum and as needed to conduct Shire business. 


12. All Officers Meetings shall be announced to the Officers and Populace for a minimum of 2 Populace Meetings and will be announced via available electronic media to the Officers and populace.


13. All officers must be Sustaining members of the SCA




1.      Officers shall report by the deadlines outlined by the kingdom website and provide a copy of their report to the Seneschal.


Quorum (meeting of oaks)

1.      A quorum is defined as the number of Officers and populace of the Shire that when duly assembled is authorized to transact business; a quorum of Officers is defined as the minimum number of Officers required to conduct Shire business.


2.      A Quorum may be held electronically, through email or any other appropriate electronic or telecommunications medium.


3.      A quorum shall consist of three officers, one of which is the Seneschal or Exchequer, and greater than 50% of the Populace present at the meeting.


4.      For the purpose of a quorum, if a person holds more than one office, he/she shall be counted as one Officer.


5.      The voting members of the populace of the shire of Okenshield shall consist only of paid members of the SCA.



1.      The Finance Committee shall consist of the Seneschal, the Exchequer, and one other officer who does not reside at the same address as either the Seneschal or the Exchequer. 


2.      The Finance Committee will meet bi-monthly.


3.      The exchequer can call for an emergency meeting if/when needed.  An emergency meeting is like a normally scheduled meeting in all other respects.


4.      The Finance Committee can meet electronically, through email or any other appropriate electronic or telecommunications medium.


5.      The Finance Committee may release funds up to $100 at their own discretion; disbursements of $101 to $200 shall require a majority vote of a quorum of officers, disbursements of Shire funds of greater than $200 shall require a quorum of Officers and Shire Populace. 


6.      For fund greater than $200 a unanimous vote is required for disbursement


7.      All receipts which require reimbursement from the Shire must be submitted to the Exchequer within fifteen (15) days.


8.      All Checks must be signed by 2 people on the Finance Committee who do not reside at the same address.


9.      Cash receipts should be handled as part of the standard accounting system.


10. Financial policy should be reviewed by the Quorum yearly.


11. Concerning events


a.      The Autocrat, the Marshal in charge, the gate staff, or head cook shall not be required to pay admission to official shire events

b.      The Royal family shall not be required to pay admission to official shire events



1.      Event bids shall be presented to the Seneschal and Exchequer in writing six months prior to the event date and shall be accepted by a majority vote of a quorum.


2.      Within 14 days of the end of the event, the Event Steward(s) shall submit a written report to the Seneschal and Exchequer detailing the Event Finances, written Marshal(s) and Staff reports, successes, challenges, injury reports, and future recommendations.


3.      All Financial information must be submitted to the Exchequer within 3 days and to Kingdom within 7 days.


4.      All monies collected are to be handled and held only by the Autocrat(s), Gatekeeper(s), and/or Exchequer.


5.      A second verification (with signatures) must be conducted upon turnover of funds to the Exchequer.  Third party verification is encouraged.



1.      This is the charter of the Shire of Okenshield. These guidelines are an unofficial publication of the Shire of Okenshield of the Society for a Creative Anachronism Inc (SCA Inc.).  It is not a corporate publication of the SCA Inc., and does not delineate SCA Inc. policies.  Moreover, in any case where this Charter conflicts with Middle Kingdom Law and Policies or with Corpora those higher laws take precedence.


2.      Changes or amendments to this charter must be approved by a majority vote of a quorum and then submitted to Kingdom for approval.



1.      Provide an organized group for SCA members in the area


2.      to promote participation and membership of the SCA


3.      to enhance participation, learning experiences, knowledge and fun of SCA members in the area.



Introducing new goals or activities




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