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Heather Kyrien Marius Le Renard De

Heather Kyrian Marius was born in the year 1360 to Dorian Mariusa nd Amora Smithson in South Hampton, England. Amora and Dorian lived at their estate in France and were visiting with Amora's family in the light of her pregnancy.

Dorian Marius was the younger brother of Bastien Marius. Dorian died of plague in 1362, shortly after Heather's second birthday. Leaving her an orphan. He was a French diplomat who helped hire English mercenaries and sell arms to the English. It was there he met Amora, while visiting her father's smithy.

Amora was the daughter of Asinyus, a former English blacksmith, and Gwen, a kitchen maid at a local lord's estate. She died in childbirth, living only long enough to name her newborn daughter.

On his sickbed, Dorian sent a letter to his bother, telling him of his sickness and expressing his fear for his daughter's welfare. In light of the letter, Heather was sent to live with her uncle, Bastien, on the Marius family estate, in Burgundy, France. There, she lived for the next eighteen years, training ad a warrior, merchant, and diplomat.

In the summer of 1372, Heather and some of her cousins in House Marius were on a trading mission in Buda Pest (Hungary). Heather was haggling with an elderly merchant on the price for which he would sell her the grain they needed for the horses when she observed Hector Marius running in the direction of the House Marius camp. Thinking this odd, she abandoned the haggling for the more important probability of her family being in danger... and the prospect of a battle. She grabbed her spear from the back of the cart and dashed towards the group of House Marius warriors. The confrontation was over as quickly as it started, as so was the trading line House Marius had in Hungary, for the man whom Brannith had threatened turned out to be a high-ranking noble. Even the diplomatic skills she learned from her uncle could not keep them from being exiled from Hungary. To this day, hostility, and sometimes downright loathing, remains between House Marius and the Hungarian crown.

Two years later, whilst on a hunting trip near their estate in Burgundy, the younger members of House Marius happened upon a group of bandits disguised as a circus. Heather recalled hearing about a group of rogues who had stolen a bear from an estate in Pisa. With the knowledge about the bandits and their bear, Hector left to attack their flank, while the rest attacked from the front. The battle was disappointingly short and the bandits, the ones who weren't killed, were rounded up and taken back to the Marius estate, as well as the bear.

After this battle, Heather's cousins began attending local and foreign tournaments. While they fought and earned much honor for their house, Heather spoke to the officials and nobles that attended these tournaments. By doing so, she created relations with many nobles, sometimes high-ranking ones.

It was an English royal court of Edward III, in 1376, that Heather gained the nickname "the fox of Burgundy," or "le Renard de Burgundy," because of her diplomatic and fighting skills. While there she managed to trick several nobles into signing a military contract with the King. In this agreement, any noble who signed it agreed to enlist their troops, their money and their supplies in any wars, missions, or campaigns the king or England's allies took part in. Upon King Edward III's death in 1377, the agreement was dissolved. Although short lived, the nobles were not happy and Heather chose not to travel to the English Royal Court alone; should she ever return.
Awards & Titles
  1. House Marius Award of the Black Sash

Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Deputy Exchequer for shire of Okenshield
  2. Marshal in Training (Heavy) 
  3. Marshal in Training (Archery)

Skills Pursued
  1. Archery
  2. martial arts
  3. Calligraphy
  4. Illumination
  5. Heavy Combat

Events attended
  1. Crown Tourney - May 2010

  2. Border Raids - July 2010

  3. Coronation of Ullr and Anne - Aug 2010

  4. Harvest Days - Sept 2010

  5. Candlemas - Feb 2011

  6. Gulf wars - March 2011

  7. Blackstone Raids - March 2011

  8. Tourney of Foxes - Aug 2011

  9. Harvest Days - Sept 2011

  10. Christmas Tourney - Dec 2011

  11. Candlemas - Feb 2012

  12. Fenix Baronial Championships - Sept 2012

  13. Harvest Days - Sept 2012

  14. Hammer and Annville - Sept 2012

  15. Christmas Tourney - Dec 2012

  16. Candlemas - Feb 2013

  17. Winter's End - March 2013
Tournaments/Authorizations - Heavy
  1. Authorized in Sword & Shield - Candlemas - Feb 2011
  2. Tourney of Foxes - August 2011

Battles - Heavy
  1. Gulf Wars - March 2011 - Ravine Battle
  2. Gulf Wars - March 2011 - Field Battle
  3. Gulf Wars - March 2011 - Castle Battle
  4. Blackstone Raids - April 2011
  5. Gulf Wars - March 2012 - Ravine Battle
  6. Gulf Wars - March 2012 - Castle Battle
  7. Gulf Wars - March 2013 - Ravine Battle
  8. Gulf Wars - March 2013 - Castle Battle
Tournaments/Authorizations - Rapier
Battles - Rapier
Classes Taken
Classes Taught
  1. Okenshield A&S/Archery Day - May 2013 - Scroll Construction
  1. Hammer and Annville - MIT - Archery - Sept 2012
  2. Hammer and Annville - Assistant Marshal - Sept 2012
  3. Hammer and Annville - Support Staff - Sept 2012

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