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nicoleseriousNicole Renee Beauchene was born to Gentian Beauchene and his wife Constancia Beauchene in the year of 1360. Gentian, after leaving his life as a soldier, moved to a small village in the outskirts of Burgundy, Franc. It was there he returned to his original trade as a blacksmith. It was in the very same village, he met Constancia.

For a time, life was peaceful. The serenity ended abruptly not long after Nicole's sixth birthday. A small group of bandits, led by a Hungarian immigrant, attacked the village. After years of living in peace, Gentian took up his sword once again to defend his home. He was the only trained fighter and, together, with the other men of the village, manged to kill off most of the attackers and drive those remaining away. There were many causalities, on both sides of the fight. When Gentian returned to his home, he found Constancia dead on the floor and Nicole hiding in the bedroom.

Once things had settled down, Gentian learned the bandits had been terrorizing the countryside; attacking any villages or traveling merchants that crossed their path. Attacks, like the one in Nicole's village, were happening more and more frequently in the past few years. The people were beginning to respond, rising up against the bandits. Gentian decided to remain in his village to care of Nicole, rather than joining the resistance.

It was seven years later before they were attacked again. By that time, Gentian had grown old and was not the fighter he was in his youth. Led by the same man, the bandits attacked, killing Gentian in the process. Nicole picked up her father's fallen sword, determined to get justice for her father.

She charged the remaining bandits, soon aided by the members of a merchant caravan that had just arrived. This was no simple merchant caravan; it was a group of merchants who were also guards for hire. Although Nicole tried to fight alongside them, she did not possess the skill with a blade and was not much help. The leader observed her fighting and, after the fight, approached her. He introduced himself as Brannith Marius, leader of the House Marius guard. He wondered why she was fighting, and so Nicole told the stories of her parents' deaths. After a pause, Brannith offered to accept her into his house, and to train her as he did the other members of House Marius. She accepted but kept her surname. 
Awards & Titles

Duties & Responsibilities

Skills Pursued
  1. Martial Arts
  2. Armor Making
  3. Heavy Combat
Events attended 

  1. Harvest Days - Sept 2010

  2. Christmas Tourney - Dec 2010

  3. Candlemas - Feb 2011

  4. Gulf Wars - March 2011

  5. Blackstone Raids - April 2011

  6. South Oaken Regional War Practice - April 2011

  7. Tourney of the Foxes - Aug 2011

  8. Fenix Baronial Championships - Sept 2011

  9. Harvest Days - Sept 2011

  10. Fenix Baronial Championships - Sept 2011

  11. Candlemas - Feb 2012

  12. Gulf Wars - March 2012

  13. Border Raids - May 2012

  14. Fenix Baronial Championships - Sept 2012

  15. Harvest Days - Sept 2012

  16. Hammer and Annville - Sept 2012

  17. Candlemas - Feb 2013

  18. Gulf Wars - March 2013

  19. Border Raids - May 2013
Tournaments/Authorizations - Heavy
  1. Authorized in Sword & Shield - Candlemas - Feb 26th 2011
  2. Tourney of the Foxes - Aug 2011
  3. Fenix Baronial Championships - Sept 2011 
  4. Fenix Baronial Championships - Sept 2012

Battles - Heavy
  1. Gulf Wars - March 2011 - Ravine Battle
  2. Gulf Wars - March 2011 - Field Battle
  3. Gulf Wars - March 2011 - Castle Battle
  4. Blackstone Raids - April 2011
  5. South Oaken Regional War Practice - April 2011
  6. Border Raids - May 2011
  7. Simple Day in the Country - July 2011
  8. Pennsic - August 2011 - pass battle
  9. Pennsic - August 2011 - woods battle
  10. Gulf Wars - March 2012 - Town Battle
  11. Gulf Wars - March 2012 - Ravine Battle
  12. Gulf Wars - March 2012 - Castle Battle
  13. Border Raids - May 2012
  14. Gulf Wars - March 2013 - Town Battle
  15. Gulf Wars - March 2013 - Bridge Battle
  16. Gulf Wars - March 2013 - Ravine Battle
Tournaments fought in/Authorizations - Rapier

Battles - Rapier


Classes Taken



Classes Taught

  1. Okenshield A&S/Archery Day - May 2013 - Quill Making

  1. Hammer and Annville - Support Staff - Sept 2012
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