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Members of the Shire

  1. Lady Adelle Marius
  2. Lord Agmundr Marius
  3. Amy Of Okenshield
  4. Lord Aragorn Marius
  5. Sho-hachi-I Aroko Sutoraiki "Rockstrike" no Marius
  6. Augustine Corin
  7. Sgt Brannith Marius
  8. Caleb of Okenshield
  9. Casimir Taranis of Marius
  10. Clairessa of Okenshield
  11. Lady Constance Dryden of Marius
  12. Criomhthann CuRua
  13. Gabriel of Okenshield
  14. Lord Gedrian Marius
  15. Gregor Reinhardt
  16. Lady Heather Kyrien Marius Le Renard De Burgundy
  17. Juliana Alisandre
  18. Kokitsune Arisu
  19. Krystyna Isabelle Ludavicska
  20. Lady Kokitsune "Calla" Yuri of Marius
  21. Lorcan
  22. Nathan Corin of Marius
  23. Lady Nicole Beauquesne of Marius
  24. Lord Reynaud Marius
  25. Lord Richard "Bear Hammer" Marius
  26. Lord Richard Fitz Walter
  27. Sadb ingen Neill
  28. Lord Sigvat Odvarrson
  29. Thalin Owynson
  30. Tiberius Antioch Veronus
  31. Torsten
  32. Wolfker Johansson


Awards for the Shire (adapted from House Marius awards)

Award of the Guardian- for service to the shire or kingdom, helping to take care of things in the camp, armoring, water bearing, holding a needed office, filling out needed paperwork, and just being useful and helpful. Also for showing great care and helpfulness for a brother or sister of the shire.
Award of the Oaken Shield - supreme skill as a shieldperson and protecting others on the field. Holders of this Award Include Lord Reynaud Marius and Lord Hector Marius

Guiding Star Award
- for knowledge, skill, or a kit of high quality related to a chosen period.

Award of the Wolf's Tooth - for an extraordinary deed (on or off the field).  Can be from Rapier, Heavy, Fighter support/Water bearing, or A&S.
Award of Reckless Abandon - for bravery in combat or enthusiasm in training.
Award of the Acorn -for a new members or youth that has distinguished him/herself
Award of the Oak- for leadership/training/teaching on or off of the field
Shire Champion - Archery TBD
Shire Champion - Rapier TBD
Shire Champion - Thrown TBD
Shire Champion - Heavy TBD
Shire Champion - A&S TBD
Iron Oak Award - for attending 50 events 





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