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Legion under fire Activity

When: Saturday October 12th 2013
Time: 3:30 PM to who knows !!!
Where: 38646 East River Rd, Elyria 44035


Potluck Feast
Bring a dish to share

NOTE: No possibility of cooking on site
Refrigeration available on site.

NOTE: This is not an official SCA event, this is a household activity.

Rules for A&S Competition:

The A&S Championship at the Legion under fire will have only a few rules.

  1. Must be something that was made and used or enjoyed in period- being 600A.D. - 1600 A.D.
  2. Must document your Name and what time in period it is from along  with general location the item was used in during that period. For  instance is it Norwegian, French, Persian, German etc. ? We want to know and learn!
  3. Must document a brief description of how you made  it and the materials used. Your item does not have to be made ONLY with  period tools or supplies due to cost and deadly materials. ( Paints etc. you get the drift) Use your own judgment and DO YOUR BEST to be as  authentic as possible without going nuts. ( Killing that sheep to make  parchment is probably not time effective for Oct.12th.)
  4. Your documentation should NOT BE PAGES AND PAGES! Keep it simple  enough for everyone to understand what you were going for and for us all to learn something new and have fun! You can include pictures of your  source objects from books, on-line, photos from museums etc. because  sometimes that speaks volumes, where pages of writing just isn't  inspiring!
  5. Be creative, try not to completely copy a period item exactly. Use the same techniques where possible etc., but put something of yourself in your masterpiece, just keep to the period STYLE!
  7. If your project isn't completed yet...DON'T WORRY!!!! Bring it, enter  it and let us know how you will finish it and what it should look like  or how it will work
There will be a special prize for the most creative object, meaning taking  the knowledge of the period you have chosen and making that item  uniquely you, with your personality in it within the constraints of that time period of course. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the archery portion of this years competition will consist of four targets. Each participant is responsible for their own equipment, and  all arrows need to be marked with colored tape for identification  purposes, and logged with the marshals. Above all we want a safe and fun event.
Target one: is the armored knight. Each shooter will be allowed 10 arrows with no time limit. Points vary upon different kill shots.
Target two: is the dragon timed shoot. This portion is similar to the advancing soldier. Their are only three targets with this shoot advancing from 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards with 10 seconds to shoot each.
Target three: is going to be kept a secret but a small hint will be given, it has rings.
The final target: will be a night shoot, called night circles. With  this there is no time limit and each shooter gets five arrows. Each  arrow needs to be marked with a colored tape prior to shooting. Target  will be placed at 30-35 yards. Points start at five and proceed up to  twenty.
Awards will be given for first and second place, and  the household quiver will also be awarded to the highest scoring legion member.
Feel free to contact Johanna if there are any questions, concerns or if I forgot anything due to lack of coffee so early in the morning.
Round robin
First set: Single saber
Second set: Weapon and shield
Third set: Warriors choice
Each warrior will fight all opponents once gaining 1 point for each win.
Loki's luck: Each fighter will roll a dice the number on the dice will decide the weapon the fighter is given for the fight. This fight will be a brawl to the last man standing. Last man will earn 2 points toward total score.
Rapier tourney
This will be a single saber fight each fighter will fight each other best two out of three. Each fighter will earn 1 point for the fight
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