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Present at the meeting:
Beavis, Lisa, Guillaume and Angelique
Ayla, Fine, Piotr

After meeting at the park for awhile, we adjourned to Burger King.

Old business:

Potential winter site meeting discussed.
Angelique and Guillaume's offered their shop at the Clarksfield house
starting next meeting. We all voted yes on that.

Embroideries will be done this week and handed to Fine (Sharyn) where
she will finish them. Nothing changed on that part since the last

New Business:
Report reminder:
Nothing to be done there, there were no officers present other than
Angelique (web minister) and report is due on Nov. 15th and will be

Inform them about the two up coming events.
Beavis mentioned that Mike had something planned for the legion next
Saturday, but was told about R.U.M. and that we will be going to that
event. Beavis and Lisa will try to come too, but are not sure. Gave
them location for the event.

Made the announcement that Oakford has been accepted by Curia to
rejoin to Redspears.

Yule feast, reminded them about it, and ask them to make effort to be
there to that event since it's official that we are accepted to
Redspears and it will be made public at Yule Feast. They will do their
best to attend. Give them location for event and mentioned car pool
can be done.


Lisa said she would like to give some kind of pottery class, but she
is not yet comfortable with that. So her and Angelique will consult
and she will put together a class.
Angelique will give a class on illumination and one on gold leaf once
they are settled in the house, that would probably be sometimes after
the Holidays.
Beavis ask if it would be possible to get a class on making bows and
arrows. Suggestion was to contact Merlin and see if he can come and

Things for next meeting:
Decide about an Oakford sponsored event...finding a site for the event  etc...
Suggestion about small snacks being brought to meetings. Idea of
having revolving volunteers to provide snacks.
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