meeting 1-6-2014

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  • Shire of Oakford Meeting Notes
  • 1/5/2014
  • Members in attendance
  • Guillaume Gallatini and Angélique De Larochelle
  • Piotr Zavilov and Hilarry Gregg
  • Jo Strojin and Mike Conley
  • Beavis and Lisa Downing
  • Alan Albertson
  • D. Prelipp
  • Members not in attendance
  • Michael Carey
  • Orders of Business
  • Shane asks if any have business to add before the classes for the evening begin. There is no answer of business within the attendees.
  • Sylvie Michaud presents hand-out and directs a class on Illumination. Several members participate in hands on lessons of painting and a conversation about Illumination ensues.
  • Shane presents a hand-out and directs a class on Calligraphy. Several members participate in hands on lessons of writing, matching writing to samples from hand out and technique is discussed.
  • End of Meeting
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