meeting 12-08-2013

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  • Shire of Oakford Meeting Notes
  • 12/8/2013
  • Members in attendance

  • Corey and Sylvie
  • Shane and Hilary
  • Jo Strojin, Mike Conley, and Lee Conley
  • Josh and Lisa Downing with their little one
  • Jon Perkins
  •          Members not in attendance
  • Mike Carey (excused, sick)
  • Sharon (excused?)
  • Orders of Business
  • Purple (Josh Downing)
  • Saturday December 14th discussed. Expecting and Oath of Fealty to the Barony or Red Spears. The Present for the Baron and Baroness is 98% complete. The event will feature Heavy, Rapier, and a Feast which we have been specifically asked to attend.
  • Question Presented “What can we do to honor the Queen at this event? Answer presented by Mike Conley, offers to present a MidRealm sword frog as a gift for the Queen.
  • Sylvie asked for $5/each member to help cover the costs of the gift baskets to be presented.
  • December 31st is a trustee meeting, Corey will be attending the meeting and he will update us on his queries.
  • Shane asks for ideas to run more demos.
  • Josh offers details of an event he could possibly put together, details pending. Jon puts forth details on an event for next June.
  • Upcoming event on January 5th. Potluck feast event, invitation received by Shane. 5 pm in Tiffin Ohio, Shane will post details.
  • Project Updates.
  • Corey will be working on an arrow making class with a guest instructor. On order so far is a dozen of each 45-50's, 50-55's, and 55-60's 125 grain field tips and nocks. Class is scheduled for January.
  • Mike Conley is doing a leather flasks class in February, to cover costs of the leather he is asking for $5.00 and he will be doing intro to chain mail and leather tooling classes some time in the future.
  • Joanna will be doing a stained glass class in March. Corey volunteers to donate glass for the project.
  • Legion will be doing an adopt a family for Christmas, details soon coming. Family unit consists of mom, dad, one boy and one girl both teenagers.
  • Legion will also be doing a Secret Santa this season, details forthcoming.

    Practice for the battle hymn, Hilary will be making cheat cards for the event. We are expecting to have 12 Oakford and Legion members in attendance this coming Saturday.

    Hilary presents sashes and arm bands for event, She and Jo will finish them for the event.


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