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Shire of Oakford


The Shire of Oakford meets every other Sundays at 2039 State Route 18, Clarksfield OH. Garbs are not required but appreciated. We try to keep the business part of the meetings short so we can have fun doing different activities. Bring your current projects or ideas to discuss with other members. Check the calendar below for meeting dates.

Meeting for February 2014

February 16th - 4:00 PM Clarksfield with Redspears

  • Valentine’s Day Pot Luck
  • Class on Leather working, glass painting and arrow making

February 2nd - 4:00 PM Clarksfield (read minutes) (view pictures)


Meeting for January 2014

January 19nd - 4:00 PM Clarskfied with Redspears

January 5th - 4:00 PM Clarskfiedl (read minutes) (view pictures of the meeting, the calligraphy class and illumination class)

Meeting for December 2013

December 8th - 4:00 PM Clarksfield (read minutes)
December 22nd - 4:00 PM Clarskfield (read the minutes and see pictures of the A&S project)

Meeting for November 2013

November 10th - 4:00 PM Clarksfield At Angélique and Guillaume’s place
Address: 2039 State Route 18, Wakeman OH

November 24th - 4:00 PM Wakeman


Meeting for October 2013

October 12th - 3:30 PM Legion under Fire (see details)
October 13th - 4:00 PM Norwalk (read the minutes)
October 27th - 4:00 PM Norwalk (read the minutes)


Meeting for September 2013

September 8th - 4:00 PM Norwalk (read the minutes)
September 22nd - No meeting because of Pounce
September 29th - 3:00 PM - Baronial meeting Norwalk (see pictures)
                             4:00 PM- Shire meeting Norwalk


Meeting for August 2013

August 11th - 4:00 PM

August 25th - 4:00 PM (read the minutes)


Meeting for July 2013

July 14th - 4:00 PM

  • We will finish the spoon
    • Attach the handles
    • start on silver plating
  • Start on forks
  • Big Mike will give a class on making a leather flask

July 28th - 4:00 PM


Meeting for June 2013

June 30th - 4:00 PM (see some pictures from that meeting here)

  • Medieval Potluck
    • Bring a period dish to share. Make sure you bring your recipe. If you don’t have a recipe, make a list of the ingredients (for people with food allergies).
  • We will be making period silver ware. If you have forge tools (anvil, metal working hammer etc), please bring them.
  • There will be heraldry discussion with Lord Piotr.
    • How to register your device and your SCA name etc.
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