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Pictures from our June 30th 2013 meeting. Making spoons and cloak pins.
Pictures of our get together with the Legion of Nightmares on June 29th 2013
Pictures of the Baronial Redspears/Oakford meeting on September 29th 2013

oakgate"Ah the picture does not make me feel at home, it makes me home sick. The very still and quiet evenings, a feint sound of drumming coming  from some far off rebellious camp. The constant undertone sound of the  highway. Some one snoring in a nearby camp. Most of our camp asleep or  close to it, and me clinging to one last beer trying to keep anyone who  will listen to my ramblings awake.
The smell of waning camp fires drifting with the heavy late night air, clinging to the earth and permeating your clothing.

 The feeling that you know you should go to bed soon. For in the morning  you will have the sun heating up the air in your tent, the headache  subsiding to anticipation of the battles or activities of the day to  come and the inevitable yelling "Pennsic Independence 75 cents" all  morning long. God I cannot wait to get home!"
 -Dimitrii (Griffen of Redspears), photo by Cuilen

endgameAfter a long day in battle, having vanquished many foes. Cuilen, Daniel, and Dimitrii (Griffen) at N.O.W.M, A.S. 42

griffenbestedCombat in the S.C.A. is bound by the rules of chivalry and blows are  taken on an honor system. Here is a fine example of our Seneschal  Dimitrii about to receive a killing blow from Veronica. Unlike the  middle ages women are allowed and encouraged to join in combat, be it  fencing, heavy weapons, or jousting.

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