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 St. Knut's Day is a holiday celebrated  in Sweden and Finland on January 13 (and not in Denmark although King  Knut's origin could suggest it). King Knut, or more commonly, Canute IV of Denmark, who ruled Denmark from 1080 -1086 and who claimed the  throne of England, is honored as a saint for his virtue and  generosity. He declared that Christmas should be celebrated for twenty  days, officially ending the season on 13 January. The days between Christmas and Saint Knut's Day are filled with celebrations. Christmas  trees are taken down on St. Knut's Day, and the candies and cookies  that decorated the tree are eaten.

St Knut's feast day is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as being on 19 January.

References - The Oxford Dictionary of Saints. Ed David High Farmer. Oxford University Press, 2004. See the entry on St  Canute.

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