Awards abbreviations for Middle Kingdom awards

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Crown King / Queen
Tanist Crown Prince / Princess
Royale Prince/Princess Royale
Ducal Duke / Duchess
County Count / Countess
Visc Viscount / Viscountess
Baron Territorial Baron / Baroness
MSCA Chivalry -- Master at Arms
OD Defense
KSCA Chivalry -- Knight
OR Rose (PoA)
OP Pelican
OL Laurel
Court Court Baron / Baroness
ODH Dragon's Heart
OWL White Lance
OBR Bronze Ring
OE Evergreen
OGM Gold Mace
OGC Greenwood Company
GOA Grant of Arms
GOR Grant from Other Realm
OW Willow
OSO Silver Oak
AKC Kings Chalice
AQF Queen's Favor
ADG Doe's Grace
APF Purple Fret
OWC White Chamfron
ODB Dragon's Barb
OCK Cavendish Knot
ODT Dragon's Tooth
ORC Red Company
OGW Gaping Wound
FH Foreign Honor
AOA Award of Arms
ASA Silver Acorn
AB Baton
OR2 Rose (No PoA)
ASL Sapphire
ORV Royal Vanguard
RAug Royal Augmentation of Arms
ADF Dragon's Flight
AG Grove
ADT Dragon's Treasure
AUG Augmentation of Arms
APFy Purple Fretty
ATH Dragon's Teeth
KAug Kingdom Augmentation of Arms
AOP Award of Paws
NFH Non-armigerous Foreign Honor
MSCA(r) Chivalry -- Master at Arms (R)
OR(r) Rose (R)
court(r) Court Baron / Baroness (R)
pelican(r) Pelican (R)
count(r) Count / Countess (R)
MISC Miscellaneous Award
KSCA(r) Chivalry -- Knight (R)
Baron(r) Territorial Baron / Baroness (R)
AoA(r) Award of Arms (R)