The Middle Kingdom
Order of Precedence

Honors given on Apr 2, 1977 (A.S. 11)

02 Apr, 1977 (A.S. 11)
  Armandel Nightsinger   Order of the Willow
  Gillian Olafsdottir d'Uriel   Order of the Willow
  Kay of Tre Asterium   Order of the Willow
  Louise Luisadh   Order of the Willow
  Constance Lattimer   Award of Arms
  Glacinda of Unicorn Lake   Award of Arms
  Lauren Marrimoor   Award of Arms
  Lucien Starwind   Award of Arms
  Michel de Coeur Joyeuse   Award of Arms
  Neandir of the Flame   Award of Arms
  Renard la Fontome du Anneau   Award of Arms
  Suya de Sessyas   Award of Arms

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