The Middle Kingdom
Order of Precedence

Honors given on Jul 10, 1999 (A.S. 34)

10 Jul, 1999 (A.S. 34)
  Signy Kyrre Rikararsdottir   Award of Arms
  Sigeric   Award of Arms
  Cainnech Ruadh mac Guairi   Order of the Willow
  Alexandra de Louvain   Order of the Silver Oak
  Isaac de Hugo   Order of the Dragon's Barb
  David du Pont   Order of the Dragon's Barb
  Osric of Fayrehope   Order of the Dragon's Barb
  Rockhaven, Shire of   Award of the Dragon's Flight
  Illuminators of Northshield   Award of the Purple Fretty
  Guenievre du Dragon Vert   Order of the Pelican
  Kassandra Tenebrosa   Order of the Laurel
  Dorothea van der Zee   Order of the Laurel
  Tarrach Alfson   Order of the Laurel
  Hreodbeorht of Harhun-dell   Order of Chivalry -- Knight

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