The Middle Kingdom
Order of Precedence

Honors given on Jan 6, 2001 (A.S. 35)

06 Jan, 2001 (A.S. 35)
  Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill   Order of the Greenwood Company
  Jack Black of Flint   Award of Arms
  Jean Claude Le Fave   Award of Arms
  Lowenan of Cynnabar   Award of Arms
  Melissande La Verte   Award of Arms
  Rollo Lackbeard   Award of Arms
  Dante Madrosa de Castilla   Award of Arms
  Gwommy Anpurpaidh   Award of Arms
  Kesma Ashe   Award of Arms
  Robert FitzRobert of Jersey   Award of Arms
  Genevieve MacPerson   Award of the Purple Fret
  Kveld-Ulfr inn Berserkr   Award of the Purple Fret
  Llen Crede   Award of the Purple Fret
  Maximilian der Zauberer   Order of the Cavendish Knot
  Zahira of Hawkland Moor   Order of the Willow
  Simone de Beziers   Order of the Willow
  James Thomas Seabrig   Order of the Willow
  Felix of Ramsey   Order of the Willow
  Rose la Petite Fleur   Order of the Willow
  Griffin Anpurpaidh   Order of the Silver Oak

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