The Middle Kingdom
Order of Precedence

Honors given on Jan 21, 2017 (A.S. 51)

21 Jan, 2017 (A.S. 51)
  Francesca de Felice   Order of the Bronze Ring
  Idress of St. Carol on the Moor   Award of the Dragon's Treasure
  Christofle Etienne de Lorraine dit le juene   Award of Arms
  Kadrin of Vanished Wood   Award of Arms
  Lena of Wurm Wald   Award of Arms
  Lucius Antonius Ursus   Award of Arms
  Matthew Elswyck   Award of Arms
  Oswin of Rivenstar   Award of Arms
  Percival Brackley   Award of Arms
  Zhen Jun   Award of Arms
  Sparrow Hawksdottir   Order of the Cavendish Knot
  Kegg of Wurm Wald   Award of the Purple Fret
  Elisabeta Fisher   Award of the Purple Fret
  Gertrudis of Wurmwald   Order of the Willow
  Mwynwen Ysginidd   Order of the Evergreen
  Rurick the Red   Order of the Willow
  Philippe de Lyon   Order of the Greenwood Company
  Lynette de Warenne   Order of the Dragon's Heart
  Terrance of Tynedale   Order of the Laurel
  Azriel le Fey   Order of Defense

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