Room 1

10:30 Pentamere Regional Exchanger meeting.. A Meeting for Exchangers and people interested in the position.  All Pentamere Exchangers are requested to attend

11:30 A&S 50 Challenge Roundtable It would be a time for participants to share what they are working on (or have finished) and for new participants to ask questions and get more information.

12:30 Acid Etching Short Course on History and methods. A Basic how to on acid etching touching on engraving as well. Some historical background Some research and examples. A discussion on methods with demo pieces and some finished work. No live etching because the autocrats don’t want me to drop acid..

1:30 “Fair Use – Why it’s not always fair” "The term 'Fair Use' is thrown around at times by members of the SCA, but do you really know how it works and what it applies to? This class will take a look a the four questions of Fair Use and examine how Fair Use applies to things in the SCA such as class presentations, A&S documentation, and newsletters."

2:30 SCA Photography An overview of basic camera use and how to get “candid shots” How to make photography look and feel “period”

3:30 Beginning Belly Dance Beginning belly dance Class. Great for first timers!!

Room 2

10:30Basic Japanese Ink Painting Basic review of how to make Japanese Ink Paintings with materials you might already have in your scribal bag.

11:30 NEW What makes a good first bow. Discussion on what makes for a good first bow for the beginning SCA archer.

12:30 Pentamere Regional Seneschal Meeting Meeting of the Seneschals of Pentamere. All Seneschals are requested to attend..

1:30 Mentoring in Pentamere

2:30 Rethinking SCA events and membership retention .How can we take a critical look at how we run SCA events to make sure that they are not only reflecting the mission of the SCA in general, but the need and desires of our local and regional groups? This class will take a strategic look at SCA events to identify was that we can create opportunities for our current (or new!) event structure to group and adapt to current trends and membership needs.

3:30 Raised Gilding "Learn a period method of raised gilding using a water mordant seat and hide glue."