Courses are open. If you are able to teach a class, please contact Lord Cailin
with your submissions or any other A&S questions. Thank you.

MOAS [at] RoaringWastes [dot] org

Classroom 1

10:30 Fixing Scribal Mistakes Mistress Jervisa Wainwright:
Instruction and advice on fixing problems from wrong letters to correcting ink drips.


12:30 Chatalaine Meeting/Roundtable Mistress Giovanna Adimari – Kingdom Chatelaine
Come meet with the Kingdom Chatelaine to discuss future projects, meet other Chatelaines, talk about particular issues in regards to both membership recruitment and retention and learn about recruitment best practices.

1:30 So you want to be a Court Herald Jean Yves de Chierebourg - Andelcrag Pursuivant):
Class will run about 60 minutes, and will discuss preparation from the arrival on site through the pre-court meeting, through the filing of the Court Report.


3:30 "Small Pine Needle Baskets” TH Lady Katherine Hatton Rames: (Make it and take it)

Classroom 2

10:30 14th Century Apocalypse Mistress Giovanna Adimari - Kingdom Chatelaine:
The 14th century was one of the most tumultuous times in history.  People of that time literally believed the end of the world was upon them.  In this class you were learn about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and how they manifested themselves through this century.  Topics will include famine, pestilence, war and death!!


12:30 “Forester Grey talks about Archery Stuff” Forester Grey


2:30 A & S Documentation Mistress Asalah al-Hina:
Interested in entering a Regional fair for the first time? Looking to up your research and documentation? Just want to try a bean count competition? Wondering what info to add to your class handouts? In this class we will look at (and discuss) different types of documentation and reasons for documenting. Bring your questions and any current documentation for tips and feedback.