Limited to 70 meal tickets

PreReg for Feast Here

$12/person ... 3 course feast
Vegetarian dishes marked with a ‘v’. This is not a vegan friendly feast, sorry.

Appetizer Course 

Lahmacun  - pita bread with ground lamb & spices

Dolmades - grape leaves stuffed with lamb and rice, lemon sauce

Salad of beets, walnuts, feta, preserved lemon with pomegranate vinagrette  - v

Pickles  - v

Olives - v

Moretum - Herbed soft cheese -v

Hummus -v

Spiced carrot honey puree -v

Rye bread and salt bread -v

Main Course  

Assaturatam - beef with honey

Aphraton – spicy chicken pie with a cheese meringue crust 

“A cooked dish” - winter vegetable stew with lentils and peas - v

Moussaka - barley and feta with young gourds* and onions- v

Carotę and Pastinacę- Honey ginger carrots & parsnips - v

Fungis - marinated mushrooms - v

Winter slaw salad: cabbage, celery, apples - v 

(* zucchini substituting for young gourds)

Dessert Course

Hazelnut honey cookies with cherries and cream- v

Almond stuffed dates - v

Date rolls - v

Apricot sesame balls -v

Sambocade - elderflower cheesecake -v

Dried fruits and nuts to nibble - v


Lemonade, sekanjabin

Kid's Feast

Hot dogs, mac & cheese, and carrot sticks.  $5

Off Board Pot Luck
Bring your own dish to pass around to others. Bring powercords for any heating units.
There will be tables for Below the Salt potluck (buffet style).