Join the Pentamere Pilgrimage!

This challenge began January 5th, 2013 at Kingdom 12th Night, and will end at next year's 12th Night, 2014. The goal is for the people of Pentamere to get more involved in their Region. To travel, make new friends, try new activities and crafts, to volunteer by retaining or serving feast and generally to have more fun and renew their interest in our great Society. I hope this can be one small step in this direction.

The Challenge!

During this year the challenge is for members of the region of Pentamere to attend a variety of events. Some inside their local groups, and some outside their local groups. The criteria for completing the pilgrimage is

Upon completing the pilgrimage, you will receive a Pentamere Pilgrimage badge, fashioned like the symbol of Pentamere, the hand. Additionally, your name will be entered into a raffle. For every additional two events that you attend above the original requirement, you will have your name entered again. So, if you attend eight events, your name will be entered twice. Ten events, your name will be entered three times. And so forth. To "prove" to me that you have indeed travelled to each of these events, I ask that you keep a "travel journal." In it you can provide either the event program, event site-token, or some other form of evidence of your attendance. Although generally I will trust you!!

The Prizes!

Several great prizes are being donated by Baroness Giovana. If you would like to aid her in the donation of other worthy prizes. I would love to see donations throughout the year of things like glass beads, trim, furniture, wood boxes, fabric, gift cards, services donations (such as sewing, paintings, etc), and other items/goods that would be compatible with the SCA and what we do! Please contact if you have something you would be willing to donate.

Again, we encourage everyone from Pentamere to get involved, not only for the prizes, but for the opportunities that this challenge may provide, and the fun it may offer.

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