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Elina of Beckenham

Contact Information: Tobi Beck
6012 Yellow Birch Ct
Avon, IN, 46123
Email:duchesselina {at} beckenham {dot} org

Date of Entry:
Rank: Knight of the Society
Captain of the Red Company (Member of the Order of the Golden Mace)
Serjant of the Red Company
Current Kingdom: Middle

Comments: I am Elina of Beckenham, a Laurel of the Society, elevated in Trimaris. I have been a member of the Society since January 5, 1980 where I attended my first event. In that time I have participated in the birth of a kingdom, held offices of all flavors and enjoyed the society and it's members in the eight kingdoms I have lived in. Please introduce yourself to me, should you have the chance. I look forward to meeting you. Duchess Elina of Beckenham Duchess Apr 27, AS XXX (1996) Alden & Madeline (West) Countess Mar 10, AS XXIV (1990) Trimaris Viscountess Nov 16, AS XXXVII (2002) Bryne & Brand (Mists) Laurel Mar 5, AS XXII (1988) Trimaris Order of the Rose Mar 10, AS XXIV (1990) Trimaris Pelican Jan 5, AS XXXVI (2002) Hauoc & Ginevra (West) Triskele Trimaris * Unknown * Trimaris Silver Trident Trimaris Oct 24, AS XXII (1987) Trimaris Western Lily Sep 25, AS XXXVII (2002) Thorfinn & Cyneswith (West) Leaf of Merit Aug 16, AS XXXVI (2001) Fabian & Susan (West) Award of Arms May 29, AS XVII (1982) Trimaris Commendabilis Jun 20, AS XXXIII (1998) Hauoc & Etaine (West) Commendabilis Oct 3, AS XXXIII (1998) Jade & Siobhan (West) Golden Poppy Jan 3, AS XXXII (1998) Fabian & Brynn (West) Order of Valor Mar 22, AS XXXI (1997) Cybi & Victoria (West) Emerald Seas May 29, AS XVII (1982) Trimaris Sovereign's Pleasure Nov 10, AS XIX (1984) Meridies Queen's Cypher Aug 22, AS XXVII (1992) Shaheena (West) Queen's Cypher May 1, AS XXVIII (1993) Shaheena (West) Queen's Cypher Jan 7, AS XXIX (1995) Gabriel (West) Queen's Cypher Apr 29, AS XXIX (1995) Cyneswith (West) Queen's Cypher Jan 3, AS XXXII (1998) Tanwen (West) Queen's Cypher May 2, AS XXXIII (1998) Brynn (West) Queen's Cypher Apr 29, AS XXXIV (2000) Brynn (West) Queen's Cypher Jan 6, AS XXXV (2001) Osa (West) Queen's Cypher Jan 5, AS XXXVI (2002) Ginevra (West) Queen's Guard Jan 7, AS XXIX (1995) Cyneswith (West) Queen's Guard Aug 25, AS XXXVI (2001) Ginevra (West) Pied d'Argent Oct 3, AS XXXII (1997) Uther & Tanwen (West) Defender of the West Apr 10, AS XXXIII (1999) Garick & Talitha (West) Defender of the West Aug 17, AS XXXV (2000) Jade & Siobhan (West) Order of the Kings Lance (West) Thorfin and Cynswith Meridian Cross * Unknown * Meridies Rainbow Argent Aug 30, AS XXI (1986) Trimaris Black Widow Mar 9, AS XXV (1991) Trimaris Corolla Muralis Mar 8, AS XXXI (1997) Leon & Kiriana (Mists) Corolla Aulica May 19, AS XXXVI (2001) Brion & Shaheena (Mists) Dames de la Mer Nov 16, AS XXXVII (2002) Bryne & Brand (Mists) Princess' Favor May 6, AS XXX (1995) Elisabeth (Mists) Princess' Favor May 17, AS XXXII (1997) Kiriana (Mists) Princess' Favor May 13, AS XXXV (2000) Ceara (Mists) Princess' Escort (Mists) Jul 6, AS XXXI (1996) Sely (Mists) Princess' Escort (Mists) Nov 23, AS XXXI (1996) Kiriana (Mists) Princess' Guard Nov 18, AS XXXV (2000) Shaheena (Mists) Prince's Lance Apr 28, AS XXXV (2001) Brion (Mists) Cynaguan Medal of Honor Nov 14, AS XXXIII (1998) Falan & Denise (Cynagua) Red Company (Middle) Tarik and Finnia Order of the Gold Mace (Middle) Tarik and Finnia Order of the Saphire (Middle) Peter and Nan
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