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This page contains links to collected articles and works on melee tactics, leadership, and SCA combat. For offsite links and sites which deal with this subject matter, see the Links page.

Leadership by Sgt. Angus Gordon of Darkmoon
Melee Tactic Basics by Tristan Ritter von Eisig
Tactics for Limited Front Battles by HL Romanius Scipio Vesperanius
The Art of War: Part 2: The Units by Sir Michael DeLacy
Large Melee Tactics Class by Sir Al Hadad Al Hadi
The Metaphysics of Fighting by Duke Moonwulf Starkaadersson, MSCA
Combat Awareness by Lt. Kżlan Vargr, CGM
Highlights from The Book of Chivalry transcribed by Sir Vitus Litold Von Atzinger
Frozen Man Targeting by Sir Vitus Litold Von Atzinger
Combat Archery Tactics by Herr Ulrich von Landstuhl