Red Company Creation Footnotes
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This page exists to publish supplemental information from other sources regarding the creation of the Red Company. All contents are published as I have received them. I have not edited or modifed them without consent from their authors.
Captain Kżlan Vargr

In the article the History of the Red Company by Her Grace Garlanda,she states that a member of the Chivalry suggested the name Sergeants.:
...Sir Stephen Edgermont suggested the name "Red Company," based on the red pale that is the heart of the arms of the Middle Kingdom. Another member of the Chivalry from Michigan - Sir Ranthulfr? Sir Einarr? - suggested calling the members "seargeants." He also recommended that seargeants be allowed to wear a red cloak as a symbol of their rank....
Actually, It was myself that rode down to her abode in Colombus from Detroit on a motorcycle to have face to face words with King Finn and herself about the topic. I, being a Crusader and Templar nut, had read much about the period Serjents/Serjants of the Holy Lands. I laid out paperwork detailing the duties of the Serjents in 'history' and how they could corespond with todays needs for a midlevel group of fighters that would be the battlefield heart of the Midrealm. Finn had already known he wanted a new group to replace this 'crown-ranked' fighter pool. I merely suggested the Medieval equivelent and its historical background to Garlanda and Finn.

+BRAN+...Cuileann MacMuichu Ui Niall, KSCA du Midrealm

In Mistress Garlanda's creation missive, the fighter that they wanted to add as a Premier couldn't be at Pennsic as he died just a few months before. He originally came up with the idea of a mid level fighting award and fought, discussed and encouraged all chiv to work towards this goal. By the good graces of Finn and Garlanda it came to fruition. This was Ihashi Hidezo.

Marisela the Vintner,

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