Red Company News


Greetings Unto the members of the Unbelted Champions Team and Serjeants and Captains of the Most Noble Order of the Red Company from Alaric, Dragon Prince and Noelle, Dragon Princess,

The Song of the Vanguard says thusly:

“For the wind is in the banners, they flutter on high, And my steed thunders forward to fierce battle cry. The bright sun is gleaming from helmet and spear, Yes our valor is tested, we’ll gain glory here.”

We have known many of you for long years, and seen the courage and bravery of this Order represented on many fields. Well do We know that the members of the Red Company are the teeth of the Dragon and now is the time to whet your appetite! For it is on the field of honor that valor and reknown are earned and preparations are to begin immediately for the formation of a mighty Host. Their Royal Majesties travel to foreign lands soon to test the might of Their army, and We will be in Their entourage aiding them in Their campaign.

Call forth your men at arms and war bands, for grand deeds will occur. Call forth your minstrels and song-singers to give voice to the accomplishments of the brave, for they will be held up as paragons of Our Kingdom. Glory and valor shall be yours, if you have the strength and will to find it.

It is Our intent to meet with the Order of the Red Company at the Christmas Tourney, held in the lands of the Barony of the Flame, on the Feast of St. Barbara. We look forward to hearing your counsel and discussion of the upcoming campaign.

Set by Our hands on the Feast of St. Eustace, Alaric and Noelle