The Order of the Red Company
The Order of the Red Company

Given for leadership in combat. Members of the order, known as Serjants of the Red Company, should be proficient fighters in melee, versed in many weapons styles, and leaders by example both on and off the battlefield, working to serve the kingdom war effort and teaching and training others. Their conduct should exemplify courtesy and honor. The order's badge is: Gules, two flanged maces in saltire argent.
-Mistress Jessa d'Avondale

Welcome to my unofficial site for the Order of the Red Company of the Middle Kingdom. If you have found this site, and are not familiar with the SCA, please refer to the SCA Homepage for more information.

I would like for this site to become a source of information about our Order for both members and non-members alike. If anyone has information that they would like for me include on this site, especially corrections or additions to the roster, please contact me.

--Kżlan Vargr

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