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Training & Strategy

Bellatrix Fighting School
Combat and Warfare in the SCA
The Three Laws of Fighting
A Primer in Defense
The Mechanics of Three Nails (Tai Chi Chuan)
A Book of Five Rings
SCA Melee Fighting Website
Myles' Marvelous Melee Memnonic
Melee Tactics
Roman Army Tactics
The Art of War
Legio Draconis

Middle Kingdom Army Sites

Midrealm War Council
The Oaken Army of the Midrealm
The Pentamere Regional Army

History and Authentic Fighting

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library
AEMMA - Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
Association for Renaissance Martial Arts


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Dark Victory Armory
Wise Ogre Armory
White Mountain Armoury
The Armourworks (Formerly The Armory of Westlig Stjerne and Alemain Rivet Munitions Armory)
MASPIEN leather armor
Armoury of the Crimson Hammer
Christian Fletcher
Anshelm Arms and Armor
MacKenzie-Smith Medieval Arms and Armor
Mandrake Armory
Red Falcon Armory
Waldryk's Arms and Armor
Ice Falcon Armory
Kingslayer & Ironmonger Armories


Stefan's Florilegium: Combat