The Order of the Red Company

The Red Company is an Order of the Middle Kingdom of The Society for Creative Anachronism . It is awarded to those who have shown proficiency and leadership in melee and/or tournament combat. Holders of the Order shall be entitled to place after their names the initials C.R.C., and may be styled and announced in precedence as Companions of the Order of the Red Company. Those holders of the Order who have not been elevated to the Chivalry or the Order of the Golden Mace may also be styled and announced as Sergeants of the Red Company.

The order's badge is: Gules, two flanged maces in saltire argent.

All Members of the Order are invited to join the Red Company Email List/Yahoo Group by clicking here.


If anyone has information that they would like for me include on this site, especially corrections or additions to the roster, please contact me, please specify either "Redco" or "Red Company" on the subject line.
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Award badge rendered by Mikhail of Lubelska.
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