News of the Order


Red Company site administration switched from Austin Chadwick to Sgt. Maelcolm Mor.


Red Company site administration switched from Cpt Dyderich Wolfhart  to Austin Chadwyck.


Please read the following missive from TRH Alaric and Noelle to the order.


There is a message from TRH Pieter and Nan Astrid to the order on the site.


I have done a total revision of the site.I hope that you all like it.


I have added a couple of new items in the Links page.


In case you have not noticed the changes on the main page, the Red Company Web Site
is now being administered by yours truly, Sgt. Zadok ben Solomon ibn Alfakhar.


The forum is now working again. The provider changed their code, and I had not had the time to update it until now.

I'm still seeking a member of the Company who is interested in taking over this site.


Site expansion: At the suggestion and encouragement of many members of the order, I will be adding a photo gallery to this site. Each member of the Company can submit a single .jpg or .gif of themselves, in armor or out. The images must be no larger than 50 Kb. I will begin adding them to the site as my time allows.


I thought that many might find this information useful:
Unbelted Champions Practice Schedule.

Greetings to all who would take up arms in defense of the kingdom's Honor!!!!!
Here is the current list of events that practices will be held.
April 21st Coronation, Macomb, IL
May 11-13 Baron's War, Perrysburg, OH
May 26th Crown & Kingdom A&S Fair, Sioux Falls, SD
June 15-17 Baronial Border War, Ionia, MI
June 23rd Border Raids ,KY
July 12-15 Warriors & Warlords, Black River Falls, WI
This schedule is not complete and there will be more dates added.
In Service to the Crown,
Baron Straum, Unbelted Commander


I've added several new resource links, including A Book of Five Rings and The Art of War. In addition, I've transcribed (with permission) my ancient and dogeared copy of Duke Moonwulf's Metaphysics of Fighting article.


There has apparently been a problem with some of the files that constitute this site. As a result, the menu has been changed from graphical to text. It might not look as pretty, but it will now load faster.


On April 1, 2000, the Order of the Gold Mace was created in the Midrealm. The law changes regarding the creation of this order, and the changes to the law which defines the Red Company have been updated under the Law section of this site.

10/6/99: Web Site Update

I added links to two articles by Sir Myles in the Articles section.

I have also added email address links for many members of the Order this week. My thanks go out to Baron Sjt. Niall dunUlric for his assistance in tracking down addresses.


Upon request of a number of members of the Company, I have placed password protection onto the Forum. From this point onward, it will be restricted to members of the Red Company. This will provide for us a private venue in which to discuss matters of import to the Company.

Please contact me at for the forum password.


Upon Master Eirik's suggestion, I have added to the site the portion of Midrealm law which describes the creation of the Red Company


Sargeant Aubrey Swyftwater as been asked by Her Serene Highness Isabelle to stand as her champion in Northshield


Thanks to Sargeant Zadok ben Solomon ibn Alfakhar for providing a list of which Company members currently reside in Ealdormere. The roster has been updated to reflect this.


Here's a report from Northshield Coronet and Investiture provided by Sargeant Adrien de Troyes:

Sargeant Hreodbeorht of Harhun-dell was offered the accolade, he will stand vigil and be elevated at Warriors and Warlords.
Sargeant Arslan Sanjarzade was named Northshield's Prince's Champion.
Sargeant Adrien de Troyes was named "Hyrdsman", or King's Champion for Northshield.


Baron Master Eirik Dweorgax,ORC, will be hosting a Red Company Moot in his encampment at Pennsic. It will most likely be on Tuesday, August 17th. Topics will include a meet and greet for members of the Order, and discussions of interest to members.