The Seneschal's Page


Greetings unto all who read this missive and welcome to the Barony of Red Spears from Meister Konrad Mailander, Seneschal of Red Spears,


For those new to the Society; a seneschal is an administrative officer of the Society for Creative Anachronism. A groupís seneschal fills a role equivalent to the president in other clubs.


As such it is my job to make sure the rules are followed so that everyone can have a good time. The seneschal has to be the bridge between the real world and the world of the SCA.If you have any questions about anything in the Barony feel free to contact me.If I do not know the answer I will try to get you in contact with someone who does.


In Service to Red Spears, the Middle Kingdom, and Society I remain,


Konrad Mailander, OP

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The Red Spears Charter - as amended 10-18-09
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