Greetings unto the Most Gracious Populace of The Midrealm!

It is with a bit of awe and sincere admiration that I type this missive to you this day. I have recently come from Our Kingdom 12th Night, in the Most Wonderful Barony of Northwoods, where to my amazement the Great People's of this Kingdom most generously participated in the Auction of the Retired Kingdom Regalia! It was proven once again that the peoples of the Midrealm are not only generous of time and talent, but also of their hard earned monies.

What was also apparent was the tremendous amount of work that Contessa Tamara Di Firenze and Master Matthew Christopher of Bristol underwent in preparation for this Auction, and indeed throughout their tenure as Ministers of Regalia. I truly hope that as you see these wonderful people out and about that you thank them for their generosity to the Kingdom and the Office of Regalia. It is the dedication of this magnitude that truly makes the SCA what it is.

As I step into the Office of the Minister of Regalia, I can only hope that I continue to provide the same level of dedication and thoroughness as my Predecessors. As a start to this, I plan to continue the practice of displaying items of Regalia that are not currently in use, which was started at Kingdom 12th Night. I feel that these items display the many talents of our Kingdom, and I would love to share them with all of you. So, look for me at different events throughout the summer, and spare a few moments to chat. And then next time, maybe I'll be displaying an item that you provided!

In Service,
THL Bethany MacDonald