The Ministry of Regalia is currently headed by
THL Bethany MacDonald
mka: Vanessa Marsh
2514 Elaine Court
Kokomo, IN 46902
hm/fax 765/457-0351

She is preceded by
Contessa Tamara di Firenze, OR, OL
and Baron Matthew Christopher of Bristol, OL
Master Thorvald Redhair, OP
Master Patrick Connor O'Donnell McPhelan, OL, OP
Duke Sir Brannos O'Iongardail, KSCA, OP
Master Patrick again,
and Sir Talbot Mc Taggert, KSCA, OL

The Ministry of Regalia has the responsibility of maintaining those physical assets of the kingdom which directly enhance the presence of the Royal Family and Their Court.

While in essence the job could be viewed as something of a properties warehouse service, for those who carry the Midrealm in their hearts it is the chance to serve by actually caring for the physical manifestation of the history of the realm, the objects deemed most revered, those things that show the Royal status of the Crown and Tanists, and identify Their Court for all the Knowne World to see.

It is an awesome responsibility.

In more practical considerations, the Ministry operates in a fairly simple fashion, but one that requires very specific commitments.

Attendance at Crown Tournament is paramount, as this is where the Tanists first encounter the Regalia, and it is given into their care.

When the finalists in Crown Tournament are determined, the Minister of Regalia approaches them each and asks who will be checking out the Regalia for them in the event of their victory. When the finals are over, the Minister then approaches the victor's designee, and they retire to check out the Regalia, leaving the Tanist and Tanista free to enjoy Their new station, or attend any required meetings. The Minister and the designee account for the Regalia, verify it is in good repair, and then the designee obtains the Tanists' signatures on two documents- the first accepting legal responsibility for these physical financial assets of the SCA, Inc., and a letter of understanding of the rules on the handling of the same.

On Coronation day, a similar effort takes place, wherein Regalia is checked in from the previous Sovereigns, requested Regalia is checked out to the new Sovereigns, and the Regalia of the Tanists is checked in, and taken away by the Minister. Any new items that have been given to the Sovereigns or Tanists is also evaluated at this time, and determined to be suitable for use under the criteria used to consider new bids.

The office is now to be divided into two parts- The first, the "Ministry of Regalia" shall continue to maintain those items that travel with the Crown, Their champions, and Royal Court, to include such items as crowns, thrones, ceremonial items, baldrics, etc which create the appearance of the Royal Court. Items that are traditionally passed from Great Officers and lesser officers of state remain with those officers, and special ceremonial items, such as the Royal Horse Barding, the Chivalry Horn and the Rose Cloak shall continue to remain in individual hands.

The Ministry will be responsible for:
  • Maintaining the Regalia in useable condition
  • Honorably retiring Regalia that has lived past its usability
  • Storing Regalia not actively in use by the Crown and Tanists
  • Bringing Regalia to Coronation for the Crown, and to Crown Tourney for the tanists.
  • Cataloguing incoming Regalia with number, photo, and inclusion on the website, including evaluation for suitability under bid guidelines, and determination of viability as a kingdom asset
The Kingdom Quartermaster will be primarily responsible for the set up of Pennsic Royal camp and field facilities for the Crown, including
  • having a knowledge of the traditional setup of the encampment,
  • maintaining and directing the set-up of the meeting tent, presence tent, field tent and any other Pennsic specific assets,
  • working with the battlefield coordinator and the Coopers to place the field tent and the reviewing stand.
The ability to transport large items is NOT a requirement, so long as the quartermaster is willing to coordinate with the Pennsic Storage facility, and the MK Royal annual staff.