The Pennsic Quartermaster will be primarily responsible for the set up of Pennsic Royal camp and Pennsic Battlefield facilities for the Crown, including
  • having a knowledge of the traditional setup of the encampment,
  • maintaining and directing the set-up of the meeting tent, presence tent, field tent and any other Pennsic specific assets
  • working with the Pennsic Battlefield Coordinator and the Coopers to place the Field Tent and the Royal Reviewing Stand.
The ability to transport large items is NOT a requirement, so long as the quartermaster is willing to coordinate with the Pennsic Storage facility, and the MK Royal annual staff.

This is a solicitation for Donated Items, not for a bid procedure that would be reimbursed. Currently, the Ministry is soliciting Regalia befitting the Royal Family at War, specifically:
  • matched heraldic cloaks suited to warm weather
  • matched thrones that could remain at War, sparing the travail of carting them amongst all else (Please bear in mind the vagaries of temperatures in storage lockers when considering joint methods)
  • matched STURDY crowns for the Royal Family.
The main point is that all of the items should be MATCHED (there's that word again) for ALL 4 members of the Midrealm Royalty, and must be sturdy, and effective for Pennsic. Additionally, while the Midrealm has the Royal Presence Tent and a sunshade, neither of these are truly large enough to house all 4 thrones and any attendants- the only facilities for this are the Reviewing Stand and the meeting tents. Interested artists should be STRONGLY encouraged to contact the Ministry of Regalia before beginning work, to ensure both durability and usability