Barony of Rivenstar

Come, join us.  You know you want to - and we give you plenty of opportunities.

Purdue University Campus Map

Map section "ghi789" showing the Purdue Memorial Union (business meetings)
On the map, the Union is listed as "PMU" along State Street (SR 26) which runs through the center of the map section.  The Grant Street parking garage is just across the street from it and labeled "PGG".  Mapquest directions are available below.

Map section "def456" showing the ROTC Armory and Slayter Center (winter and summer fighter practices)
On the map, the Armory is labeled "AR" and is located on the lower right of the map section, along the one-way University Street.  Slayter Center for Performing Arts is abbreviated "SCPA" and is located toward the upper left of the map.  Mapquest directions for both buildings are available below.

Baronial Business Meeting - unlike many SCA groups, Rivenstar hosts business meetings on a weekly basis, which helps to move the business along quickly and get to the more important things, like socializing!  Held every Monday at 8pm, usually in Stewart Center, meetings also serve as the anchor point for several other activities (see below).  Contact the seneschal for more information, or if you are a Purdue student, contact the president of the Purdue Medieval Society.  Mapquest provides directions to the intersection of State Street (SR 26) and Grant Street; after turning right off State Street, the parking garage is the second building on your right, and the Union is across the street, immediately to your left.

Rivenstar Madrigal Singers rehearsal - hosted every Monday at 7pm, ending as close to 8pm as possible so that business meetings may begin on time.  "The Madrigali" have sung at numerous feasts throughout the region over the past several years, and it is often worth arriving a little early to meetings just to listen to (or join in on!) the tail end of their rehearsals.  The choir is ordinarily directed by His Excellency, Sir Pieter van Doorn, OP.

Noshing and socializing - As you can see, we of Rivenstar do so much before, during, and after business meetings that we often work up an appetite.  Restaurant of choice determined spur-of-the-moment; if you want more information, you'll just have to come to meeting to get it!

Dance practices - currently on hiatus

Rivenstar Archery Practice - Currently on hiatus.

Rivenstar Fighter Practices - Rivenstar has held fighter practices in the ROTC Armory, on the Purdue University campus, for nearly thirty years.  Barring closure for University holidays, the Armory is available to us on Wednesdays throughout the school year from 8pm to 10pm, and has plenty of room for both our heavy and rapier fighters - which might explain why a number of our fighters cross back and forth between both lists!  Mapquest provides directions to the nearest intersection, 3rd Street and University; the building is just past that intersection along University, with parking and our entrance on the far side of the building.

During the summer, practices are moved outdoors to the nearby Slayter Center, weather permitting, and run from 6pm until dusk. Mapquest provides directions to the intersection of Stadium Avenue and Intramural Drive; Slayter is the outdoor concert stage on the northwest corner. Contact the knight's marshal or the marshal of fence for further information.  Check the weather before you go.

More noshing and socializing - it's the rare fighter who can stomach a full meal right before practice; even rarer is the fighter who doesn't want to discuss technique, cool moves, and spectacular kills afterwards.  As you might expect, the restaurant of choice is determined as everyone is getting out of their armor, so if you want to know more you'll just have to grab your sword and come on out.

Rivenstar Equestrian Practice - Practices are held from Spring through Autumn in Dayton, Indiana, at the home of  Pieter van Doorn and Nan Astrid of York.  It is important to note that all practices are held outdoors, and are thus contingent upon the weather and ground conditions (and whether or not our hosts are home from the most recent SCA event!) so please call or email before you go to get the latest information on practice days and times.  Having said that, Rivenstar's equestrians welcome riders of any level of experience, and also enjoy having non-riders come and watch.  Since these practices are held on private property, they are unofficial, which means that there is also the occasional opportunity for trail rides and other non-SCA activities.

Check the weather before you go.
Map of Lafayette, Dayton, Huis Doorn and surrounding countryside (HuisDoornmap.JPG)

            Directions: Find your way to the intersection of I-65 and IN-38 just east of Lafayette, IN. Lafayette's Main Street will get you there  if you're coming from downtown. Head east on IN-38 (away from Lafayette) through the little town of Dayton and cross the creek on the far side of town.  Turn right (south) on CR-900E exactly one mile thereafter.  Cross the railroad tracks and immediately take the next right onto Kirkridge Lane. Huis Doorn is the last house on the right - the brick house behind the white fence at the far end of Kirkridge Lane. The whole trip from I-65 to Huis Doorn should only take 10 minutes.

Still more noshing and socializing - You've just spent a Sunday afternoon outdoors in the countryside, either riding or watching and helping out with the ground crew for a few hours.  Don't be silly, of course it's time to eat.  It is important that you understand the Barony's priorities in these matters.


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