Barony of Rivenstar

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If you look at the lists of award recipients below, you will see that nearly every award was given in December of a specific year.  This is because Their Excellencies Rivenstar choose to host exactly one Baronial Court per year, reserving all business until that time so as not to interrupt any Royal Courts which Their Excellencies might host during the rest of the year.  Each of the awards listed below may only be given one time to any recipient, and are highly prized by those on whom they have been bestowed.

This page is not complete!  It was discovered that at one time, individuals who had moved away from the Barony were removed from the published lists, although their names are believed to be retained in the Herald's records.  If you are one of these people (we prefer to say that you live in "Greater Rivenstar"), please contact our Herald.


Order of the Barbed Star

The Order of the Barbed Star was created at a time when there was a drive to encourage archery throughout the Middle Kingdom.  Upon creation of the award "The Defender of Rivenstar", the Barbed Star was officially closed.

8-Dec-89 Moonwulf Starkaadherson of Rivenstar
8-Dec-89 Jillian Stevynsdottir
8-Dec-90 Josef, Keeper of Tor Wulfhaven
9-Dec-95 Artos of Rivenstar
9-Dec-00 Order of the Barbed Star Closed

Order of the Silver Acorn

Silvija the Landlady was a beloved member of Rivenstar, and a formidable advocate for the arts and sciences while she lived here.  Creating this award was perhaps the greatest memorial Their Excellencies could provide to honor her legacy.  The award itself is a simple blue medallion made of leather, with a white acorn - the primary charge on Sylvija's device - stamped into it, surmounting a rivenstar, so that the rays of the star give the impression that the acorn is sparkling.  Since Silvijia's mundane last name was Sparkis, earning her the nickname "Sparky", the effect is completely appropriate.   This also explains why the award is sometimes affectionately known as "the Riven-Sparky."

Some readers will note that the Silver Acorn is also the name of the Middle Kingdom's arts award for children.  It turns out that Rivenstar's award was created prior to the Kingdom award, but the name was not officially registered.  Since the Kingdom was not aware that an award already existed with that name, they used it for themselves.  To avoid confusion, the barony award is now sometimes called the "White Acorn", or by its original full name, "The Landlady's Silver Acorn".

11-Dec-99 Pieter van Doorn
Lauretta de Stella-Fenduta
Tryphina Maria de Silva
Takaya Mereleone
9-Dec-00 Lorelei Skye
Saereid of Rivenstar
Rymbol of Rivenstar
8-Dec-01 Eirinn nan Eillean
Silgulf Karlnar
Giuliana Fornaciari
Arrantxa Idazle Irunekoa (Heather of Shadowed Stars)
14-Dec-02 Fionbharr MacShane
Marylinde of the Rocks
Kiriak Vlk Kosmatu
6-Dec-03 Nan Astrid of York
Isabeau Pferdebandiger
4-Dec-04 Katalena Izmaragd Ivanova
Ruth of Rivenstar
9-Dec-06 Olwen
Francoise Katze
Janusz Zawisza
8-Dec-07 Ljúfvina Klyvastjörnu (Elspeth)
6-Dec-08 Amalie Retzbach
5-Dec-09 Marian Hryhorcova
4-Dec-10 John Skiinner
3-Dec-11 Katya Milovidna

Defender of Rivenstar

The year following the creation of the Silver Acorn, Their Excellencies chose to create the "Defender of Rivenstar", thus completing the triad of awards for the Society's three major endeavors: martial activities, arts and sciences, and service.  The award itself is a simple blue medallion of leather cut into the shape of a shield, stamped with a rivenstar.  The Defender is given to participants in every martial activity, including armored combat, rapier fighting, archery, siege weaponry, thrown weapons, and equestrian activities.  In fact, a number of recipients have earned the Defender for participation in multiple martial activities.

9-Dec-00 Sigulf Karlnar
Cealin of Darkenwood
Gabriel Tedesco
Fionnbharr MacShane
10-Jan-01 Landric of Ely
8-Dec-01 Svenki Magnusson the Varangian

Fionbharr MacShane

Takaya Mereleone

Gallien Le Cavalier de L’Ile

Isabeau Pferdebandiger


Adam Comyn

Pieter van Doorn

Arch Teryx


Ailionara Binnech Ingen Cellah De Galway

Deianira of Rivenstar

Josef, Keeper of Tor Wulfhaven

Ivar Eldeskal (called Morgath)

Janusz Zawisza

4-Dec-04 Françoise Kätze

Aendru of Rivenstar

Victor of Rivenstar
Gabriel of Rivenstar
Grey Oddsson
10-Dec-05 Arnora Snorradottir
Marina da Fiore
9-Dec-06 Kerkira Anastasia Tamarina
Adam MacAoidh
Malie bean MhicAoid' (Molly Magee)
6-Dec-08 Moira O'Dorran
Corwin Roberts
5-Dec-09 Amalie Retzbach
4-Dec-10 Nan Astrid of York
Enkara of Rivenstar
3-Dec-11 Daniila of Dacia
1-Dec-12 Nerissa
  Wilhelm of Rivenstar
  Griffin Flavin



Order of the Rivenstar

The oldest (established 8-October-1974), and for many years the only, award bestowed in the Barony, the Order of the Rivenstar is now given to honor members for their acts of service, either within the Barony or on its behalf.  The award is a simple blue medallion, usually of leather, with a white rivenstar stamped into it, and is often crafted by His Excellency Moonwulf's own hand.

8-Oct-74 Cedric Wulfganger
1-Dec-78 Takaya Mereleone
14-Dec-80 Aelfhaelen Dracasidth
1-Dec-81 Aleksandra Ivanovna Nemka


Sigulf Karlnar
  Brian Karlnar
Vorlin O’r Gwig


Brother Martin of Durham


Gerald Goodwine

Ragnarr Arnbjarnarson


Angharad of Nankivel

D’Lilah Holtlaande

Garahard von Drachekralle

Thomas Mailer
12-Dec-86 Xenon the Nebulous
Lora de Netherwode
Kirten Thorsteinsdottir
Gregor Hagen
10-Dec-88 Pieter van Doorn
Nan Astrid of York
Musashi of Rivenstar
Alinor of Braeford
8-Dec-89 John Skinner
Sven Bygolly
Kaitlin O'Burr Ridge
8-Dec-90 Josef Keeper of Tor Wulfhaven
Giuliana Forniciari
Ariel of Rivenstar
Angelina Tracy
Silvija the Landlady
Lorelei of Rivenstar
C. Saverius Sabinus
Vincente Cantrelli
6-Dec-91 Romas the Mapmaker
Alwynne of Rivenstar
Reuven ben Natanel
Elewys of Penwithsteort
Tharion Darkwood
Devorah of Rivenstar
5-Dec-92 Caelan O'Rogallaig
Arthur of Rivenstar
4-Dec-93 Isabeau Pferdebandiger
Heirusalem Crystoma
Aoibheann Caoilfhionn Muirinn O'Domhnaill
Fionnbharr MacShane
Catherine de la Rose
2-May-94 Jafar al-Safa
17-Dec-94 Tryphina Maria de Silva
Giles Blackmoor of Rivenstar
Clare Blackmoor of Rivenstar
Owen Blackmoor of Rivenstar
Elizabeth of Rivenstar
Lauretta de Stella-Fenduta
Michelle la Roseblanche
Sybelle Madeleine MacKee
Natan ben Barach HaLevi
Rymbol of Riventar
Duncan Chenal MacConachie
22-Apr-95 Nathan Roselande
Mattias Rosenstern
Etain of Rivenstar
William Michael Kelrickson
9-Dec-95 Emeric of Carraig Ban
Martin of Rivenstar
7-Dec-96 Adam Comyn
Delia of Rivenstar
Caelica Kiltigern MacClibarn
Kazimierz Tarnowski
Janusz Zawisza
Eirinn nan Eillean
Clare Hele
13-Dec-97 Maddelena della Tavolozza
Virnin Claye
Gabriela of Rivenstar
Ulrich Wurfel
Svenki Magnusson the Varangian
Eleanor of Rivenstar
Kathryne Sommerfeldt
Gwydion of Rivenstar (Gallien le Cavalier de l'Ile)
12-Dec-98 Ophelia of Rivenstar
Marylynde of the Rocks
11-Dec-99 Gairhard aus Dunkelmond
Helena of Cleves
9-Dec-00 Anabella Makmyllane
8-Dec-01 Kiriak Vlk Kosmatu
14-Dec-02 Magdelena von Regensburg
Deianira of Rivenstar

Heather of Shadowed Stars (Arrantxa Idazle Iruñekoa)

Katriona MacPherson

8-Dec-03 Francoise Katze
Elisaveta Izmaragd Ivanova
Saereid of Rivenstar
4-Dec-04 Marina da Fiore
Dasha Gudinov Varnow
Gwenllian ferch Blodeuwedd (called Llio)
Nina Mirovna Korsakova
Enkara of Rivenstar
9-Dec-06 Katrina
Marian Hryhorcova
Aendru the Tinker
8-Dec-07 Daniila of Dacia
 Amalie Retzbach
Emil Alzusswander
5-Dec-09 Olwen
Peter the Red
4-Dec-10 Corwin Roberts
3-Dec-11 Fauna of Rivenstar
  Wilhelm of Rivenstar
1-Dec-12 Breanna the Small
  Katya Milovidna
  Anton Sebastian Schreiner



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