Barony of Rivenstar


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The One, the Only, Baron Rivenstar

His Grace, Moonwulf Starkaadhersson, Master of Arms, OP (Michael Longcor)

Our Beloved Baroness of Rivenstar

Her Excellency, Takaya Mereleone, OP (Vickie Poole)


Seneschal-Lady Daniila of Dacia (Dana Mosher) 765-586-4860
Typical report: "We have a Baron.  We have a Baroness.  Let's have a meeting!"

Exchequer-Lady Franšoise Katze (Ann Longcor)
Typical report: "Yep, the Barony is still solvent."

Herald-Aurora Lucia Marinella (April Maybee)
Typical report: "If you've earned an award lately, come see me."

Chirurgeon - Lady Daniila of Dacia (Dana Mosher, Paramedic)
Typical report: "Nobody's gotten hurt lately, and nobody had better, or else!"

Knight's Marshall- Lord Orentil (Ron Schanlaub)
Typical report: "Yup, we're fighting this week!"

Rapier Marshal-Uaile Malie Bean MhicAoid' (aka Molly McGee)(Molly Magee)
Typical report: "So are we!"

Equestrian Marshal - Baroness Takaya Mereleone (Vickie Poole)

Archery Marshal - MIT Wilhelm of Rivenstar (Ryan Jones)
Typical report: "Come out and shoot!  Who cares if it's raining?"

Minister of Arts and Sciences - THL Olwen of Buckland (Sara Clark)
Typical report: "Do Arts and Sciences, come tell me about it, and I'll put it in my report."

Chatelaine-Lady Marilynde of the Rocks (Mary R. Rusek)
Typical report: "I got to talking in the grocery store, and we should have three new people here next week."

Chronicler-Marian Hryhorcova (Marion Miller)
Typical report: "I'm accepting submissions for the newsletter."

Web Minister - Kawamura no Ry˘tar˘ Yoshichi (Adrian Osman)
Typical report: "I'm accepting all kinds of stuff for the website!"

Dance Master - Open
Typical report: "No partners are required, but you know your friends want to dance too!"

President of the Medieval Society of Purdue- Wilhelm of Rivenstar (Ryan Jones)
Typical report: "Callout went well, the campus display windows look great, and we're still meeting in the same place next semester."

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