We have many people who study various aspects of medieval life and like to put on demonstrations of what they have learned. There are cooks, brewers, spinners, calligraphers, heralds, blacksmiths, dancers, leatherworkers, musicians, archers, armored fighters, and much more. If someone did it in the Middle Ages, someone is likely doing it now.

If your school/organization/library/etc. would like some of us to come and do a demonstration, feel free to contact us to see what can be arranged.

Check out these photos from our latest demonstration at the Christ Episcopal Church in Warren, OH.

Any questions can be directed to Rickard at

Mid-Summer Knights Medieval Festival

Our next scheduled demo is June 14, 2014. This is as part of Christ Episcopal Church’s Mid-Summer Knights Medieval Festival June 13-15. 2627 Atlantic St NE, Warren, OH 44484. We plan on having a lot of great things to show. Last year, we had thrown weapons, archery, heavy fighting, equestrian, and dancing demonstrations, as well as a parade, music, A&S, drama, blacksmithing, and a period encampment to see. We hope this year will be bigger and better. The festival also has craft and food vendors. Stop by to see us and enjoy the day! More information coming soon.

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