Cuckolds All A Row

Square Dance for 2 Couples (facing each other)

As danced in Rivenvale, except for the “Siding”


Verse I.

A1&2 -    Partners lead up a Double toward the Opposite couple and fall back a Double. That again.

B1 -    Turn back to back with your Opposite, then turn back to your place. Then go back-to-back around your Opposite.
B2 -    The same with your Partner.

Verse II.

A1&2 -    Side right with your Partner. Side left with your Opposite.

B1 -   Men change places. Women change places. All take hands and go halfway round (left) to your places.

B2 -   Women change places. Men change places. All go halfway round to the right.

Verse III.

A1&2 -    Arm right with Partner.  Arm left with Opposite.

B1 -    Men put back your Contrary a Double, then fall back a Double to the right on the other side. Men cast off to the right, the Women following, going around until you come to the same place again.

B2 -     Men put back your Contrary a Double, falling back onto your own side. Men cast off to the left, the Women following, until you come to your original places again.

NOTE: This is one of the few dances from Playford that actually refer to “back-to-back” in two different ways, clarifying the question of turning b2b vs. going around each other b2b. While going around each other is the normal “back-to-back,” this dance actually uses both. Some groups go around each other both times, first facing out, then facing in, but this does not accurately reflect the original instructions.

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