• Newcomers

    If you're brand new to the SCA, or have just moved into the area from another region of the country, here are some quick tips to help you locally.

    You do not need to buy a membership to attend local meetings, creative arts or science sessions or practices. Many of our activities take place informally in the community or at members' homes, so join the Yahoo!Group for specific announcements.

    We wear clothing of the middle ages at major events, but rarely at local meetings or arts and sciences sessions. Meetings of our Shire occur each month at 7 p.m. at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on the East Side of Evansville. These business meetings are held on the THIRD Thursday of the month in conjunction with cooking night (a meeting and a meal all in one!), and neither are in garb (costume) events.

    Fight Practices are a great informal place to meet us, even if you're not an armored combat participant. Sunday afternoon practices during summer months are held at Wesselman Woods from 2 pm to 5pm and in winter months are 2:30 p.m.- 5 p.m. in the basement of Neu Chapel on the University of Evansville Campus. The entrance is on Rotherwood Street.

    There's always something going on informally here in Riviere Constelle, as well, whether it's Arts and Sciences classes, thrown weapons practice, project day, or just a movie night. From stained glass and costuming to woodworking and pewter casting, we can hook you up with individuals who have broad interests and knowledge!

    There is no need to have your own garb to attend your first event. We are blessed with a wealth of costumes to lend out to get your toes in the water. Please feel free to ask our Chatelaine about loaner garb if you are joining us during our annual event or will be traveling with us to an out of town weekend. All of us are eager to welcome potential new members, and to get you involved in the Shire. Welcome, and well met!

  • Rendezvous at the Bridge XXIV

    October 11th - 13th 2013

    Site Fee:
    (for entire weekend) 
    $7.00 for adults (plus $5.00 surcharge for non-members)
    $6.00 for ages 13-17
    $3.00 for children age 6-12
    ages 5 and under free.
    Family cap: $65.00, which includes site fee and lodging for Friday and Saturday, but not NMS.

    Day trip family cap of $20 which includes site fee, but not NMS.

    Armored Combat

    Youth Fencing

    Populace-vote A&S

    Brewing/Vintning contest

    Coursing of the Queen's Greyhounds

    Thrown Weapons


    Other Activities

    More information...

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