• Fighting practice

    Winter fighting practices start in November and are held at the Uof E campus, either in font of the Neu Chapel or in the basement of Neu Chapel, depending on weather, practice is held every Sunday from 230-5 PM, directions are available at the Yahoo!Group or by emailing Lord Mark or Lord Ceanntighern.

    During winter break U of E is closed. From mid December to 12th night (Mid January) practices take place at Killman Place in Boonville. Directions can be found on the Yahoo!Group or by emailing Lord Mark.

    Spring-Summer practices usually resume in April. These take place every Sunday (weather permitting) from 2pm-5pm at Wesselman's Park, off Boeke Ave., Evansville, IN. Boeke is located off the Lloyd Expressway. Take Boeke North from the Lloyd, to the park entrance, located on the right-hand side.

    Occasional practices are canceled or moved (due to weather) or event conflicts. Contact our Marshal for more details.

  • Movie Night

    The second thursday of the month is Movie Night ,also held at Killman Place in Boonville, IN. Please arrive no later than 6pm. Bring your medieval or even medieval-esque movies with you. We choose the film by concensus! Popcorn always welcome. 

  • Thrown Weapons and Project Day

    Thrown weapons practice and project day are held at Killman Place in Boonville, IN on the 2nd Saturday of most months beginning at 2pm and continuing into the evening. It is usual for the day to end in a pitch in supper with everyone providing a dish to share. Please contact Lady Calyvorri for more details.

  • Business meetings and A&S classes

    Interested in the Arts and Sciences? Please print and complete this short survey, so we can match your interests with others in the Shire or invite you to teach a class.