Title: Intro to Calligraphy
Description: An introduction to the art of Calligraphy and dip pens.  We will learn and practice the Carolingian hand.  We'll use dip pens and cartage pens. I hope this class will inspire students to continue to explorer this lost art of writing.
Instructors: Lady Akiko Catherine O'Brien and Lord Justice McArtain
Comments: This was a last minute class.  But we had students waiting and well I couldn't bear to say sorry.  Of course this would be the one time, I traveled light with supplies. The original class was canceled due to illness.  Thank-you to Lord Justice for jumping in at the minute.  :-)

Summed up the entire class. :-) Kristine was trying with a Manuscript cartage pen. But the ink just wouldn't flow so she switched to a Shaffer cartage pen. More practice. Ld. Justice helps explain how to make the hard letters. ;-)
Ld. Justice demonstrates how to form the letters. Brave Roy practices with a dip pen.  Jacob practices with a Shaffer cartage pen. Kristine is focused.
Jacob is focused. Roy is a natural with a dip pen. Kristine showing her family her work. A proud Kristine. :-)