Title:Viking Jewelry
Description: Brief history of Viking jewelry. Each student will be given a kit to make a Viking treasure chain or necklace.
Instructor: Duchesse Sabine de Rouen Helper: Lady Avelyn Grene
Comments:  Lots of smiles and very proud students.  Some of them promised me that would tell their friends about the next RUM. 

And guess what the class was free. :-) Thank-you Duchesse Sabine and Lady Avelyn. Showing cool things. opps a little dark. Sneaking in history while having fun making a cool necklace. Students helped each other and made beautiful necklaces.
Isebell holding up her necklace in progress. Beautiful Beads. Working quietly. Decisions! Decisions! Everyone working on necklaces.
Duchesse Sabine, Tabatha, Lady Avelyn and a proud student. Duchesse Sabine (right),Isebell(center), Hansen (right) Tabatha showing off her necklace. Working quietly. Focused on beading.
Proud student showing her necklace. Two more proud students showing off their necklaces. The smile says it all! :-) Isebell got to have two necklaces.  Hansen made one of the two. :-) Great job. Taking a moment to show the finished necklace.