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Local branch president and serves as the legal representative of the Canton. Sometimes called the President.

Lord Ottokar von Erinfels

Contact person for potential members and new members. The Chatelain also maintains the 'Gold Key,' a collection of SCA costume or 'garb' for loan to newcomers.

Captain Henry of Exeter


Captain Henry of Exeter


Treasurer  is responsible for handling the Canton's funds.
Lady Fiona Caoindealbhain

Knights Marshall

Responsible for inspecting combat armor for compliance with SCA and kingdom standards.  Presides over fighter practice.
Captain Henry of Exeter

Archery Marshall

Responsible for inspecting archery equipment for compliance with SCA and kingdom standards. Presides over archery practice.
Lord Ottokar von Erinfels


Responsible for assisting members with the development of a unique heraldic coat of arms or 'device' for their persona
Baroness Brigid Murchadha  

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Responsible for promoting the arts and sciences.
Lady Elianora Saunfayle


Responsible for producing the Canton newsletter known as the Glyph Notes.  She can always use articles and artwork.

Lady Anne d'Aix


Maintains group website. 

THL Philippa of Otterbourne

Minister of Youth

The Minister of Youth is responsible for promoting and organizing youth activities within the Canton. They enforce youth policy and help recognize youth achievements. They provide support and help to parents with children who are new to the group.

Lady Anna Rakel