At the moot....

This is a recap (through pictures), of some of things that happened at the moot. It's by no means complete.  For complete details of the moot, read the Glyph Notes.  Many people view the Moot (Shire's monthly business meeting) as boring and not worth attending. 

Well sometimes yes and sometime no (IMO).  A lot depends on what is happening at the time. But the information must get out.  Perfect place to express ideas and opinions.  You get to have a say (if you choose) in what the shire plans to do.  Just recently, the shire voted to Sponsor an Event and many other topics were discussed.  Everyone is welcome at the moot.

I hope this will encourage more members to attend and come show what they've been doing.   Or perhaps, you want to learn something new or show the members something new.  Don't be shy, come and join us.  Your Shire wants YOU!!!

If your project is too cumbersome to bring to the moot, please send me pictures and descriptions and I will add it on with the appropriate note.

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