How to Find an Event

All SCA Middle Kingdom events are listed on the Middle Kingdom website. The events are listed in chronological order on the Calendar of Events page. Upcoming events often have a link to click on for more information about a particular event. On the event website you will find schedules, registration information, site fees, feast fees, feast menus, class schedules, whatever may apply for that particular event.

Another source of information for events is the Middle Kingdom monthly newsletter, The Pale. SCA branches will post ads in The Pale a few months or weeks preceding their sponsored event. The ads will have information on registration, site fees, location, activities, etc. and will usually reference the event web site.

Do I have to Register for an Event?

Registration for an EVENT is usually optional but may be beneficial in certain circumstances:

  • If space is limited and dependent on registration.
  • Site fees may be lower if you pre-register.
  • Some classes at an event may fill up if you do not pre-register.

Registration for a FEAST is also optional but it is recommended that you register for a feast if you want to be assured of attending. Feasts fill up quickly in most situations and if you wait until the day of an event to register at Troll, you will more than likely find out that your request can not be fulfilled and the feast is sold out.

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