What to Bring to an Event

(Much of the following information was excerpted from Gunnbjorn Gunnarsson's article "Events in the SCA"

Required or highly recommended items:

  • Garb
  • Feastware
  • Money -- Merchants! Need we say more?
  • Fighting Gear -- For fighters: Armor, weapons, shields, etc.
  • SCA Membership Card -- You do not have to be a member to attend an event, but if you are and you don't bring your card, you'll end up having to pay the non-member surcharge in addition to the site fee.


We usually call our medieval clothing "garb." To attend an actual event (meetings and practices don't count) you have to at least make an attempt at medieval garb. Since you probably don't have any hanging in your closet, and you can't buy it off the rack, you have three choices; borrow some, make some, or have someone make some for you.

The Canton of Rokkehealden has a Gold Key consisting of garb and feastware that may be borrowed by new members. Also, you may know someone already involved in the SCA who will be more than happy to lend something to you for your first event.

The simple stuff is easy to make. Men will need a simple tunic; women will need the same thing only longer. Links to patterns and instructions are available on the Garb Resources page.

If you can't sew, or don't have a sewing machine, chances are you know someone who does. Bug them to help you out one afternoon; that's all it should take.

Men can wear a pair of solid-color sweat pants (anything dark; no gray or orange). For shoes, moccasins work fine, and men can also wear boots. You'll need a brown or black leather belt (DO NOT wear a white, red, or green belt; these have specific meanings in the SCA).

Please try not to dress like a character in a Conan movie. People will laugh.


If you're planning to eat the feast, you'll need to bring your own dishes and utensils. They should be as "medieval looking" as possible. Plates and bowls should be made of wood or pewter, and you'll need one of each. If you don't have anything around the house, try Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or a similar store. You can also usually buy stuff from a merchant at an event. The Canton's Gold Key also contains some feastware for new member use.

For more information see the First Feast page.

Other optional items you may need at an SCA Event:

  • A folding chair
  • Food or snacks
  • A book to read or a project to work on
  • Assorted accoutrements

Folding Chair

Some people have medieval style collapsible wooden chairs, others sit on the floor or a rug, and you will see plenty of folding camping-style chairs. Don't assume the event site will have seating for everyone. Throw a chair in your trunk just in case you have nothing to sit on when you get there.

Food or Snacks

A lunch tavern is usually offered where you can purchase a full lunch for a minimum price. Some people also go off-site to eat but that means leaving the event and possibly missing something. Others bring their own lunch or snacks. Having some snacks with you in case you do not find food on offer or do not care for the menu being served, is always a good idea.

Book or Project

There is plenty to do at an event but even a busy event can have activities scheduled that do not interest you. Bring something to keep you busy during the downtime.

Assorted Accoutrements

Eventually you will be amazed at what some people bring to an event. You will see individual or household areas set up with rugs and furniture, tables with trays of food, lanterns or candles, banners with devices or household badges, period games and toys -- basically anything to give the space a medieval flare. Keep to the basics of garb and feastware, something to sit on and something to do. Once you've got that covered, explore what else you'd like to add to your event "kit."

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