Schedule and Planned Activities

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Class Descriptions:

Calligraphy in an Arabic Style – Learn to write English in an Arabic style hand.  For beginners through advanced.

Number of Students: 10

Cost: 0.00 Bring paper, pen and ink if you have them (any type will do).  I will supply materials to those who do not have them.


Working with Parchment – Hands on discussion of parchment use—how it differs from paper and pergamenta, how to prepare it for writing and fix problem area (bleeding, oiliness,, wrinkles, etc._> Plus a run down of how to make your own parchment from rawhide chews (less intensive and smelly working from raw skins).

Cost: 0.00 a small amount of parchment will be available for purchase.


Ink Making Workshop – This workshop will meet twice during the day.  The first session will focus on methods and material preparation for making 2 kinds of period ink: Oak Gall and Walnut ink.  In the second session, we will finish the ink making process and bottle up our results.


How to make a Scroll Case - This will be on going through-out the day. Just tell THL Austin you want to make one*** Bring the following materials: 1 ft. of ribbon for ties (optional), 1 yard of material, 2 pieces of  heavy duty card-board (not card stock), Minimum size 10 x 12, Maximum size 18 x 16


Introduction to Knotwork-  How to draw simple knot work patterns.

Please bring a pencil and eraser; no cost.



Tree Sap: Why not use epoxy or PVA as a gold ground? Tree Sap a look at organic binders and their properties.
Peter the Goldsmith talks about the tree saps and organic binders and their origins and sources. Are we there, yet?  it's a long way from Java to Europe



Thank you cards project request!

This can be a great way to practice your calligraphy or simple bar and ivy.  I need to complete roughly 30.  If you’re interested please see Lady Akiko for details.  I will have the card stock with me.  Bring paint and whatever else you might use.


Scribal Blank Challenge – see above for description.


Backlog Deputy will also be on hand to hopefully find lost owners of awarded scrolls. 

Last update: December 14, 2006 – subject to change.  Check back for updates.